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The Real Congregation :: Drawing Lines With Blinker The Star :: 05/22/12

Posted by MarcWithaC on May 22, 2012

Blinker The Star is one of the best bands you’ve never heard in your life. Thing is… it’s not so much a band as it is the brainchild of Jordon Zadorozny. With nearly twenty years of other-worldly sounds, hooks and production, the Blinker The Star catalog creates the sort of sonic world that you feel as if you can walk right into. And even though Blinker was signed to major labels like Dreamworks and A&M, few outside of a small cult of diehards got to hear the early work.

Jordon’s resume is enough to impress even the most hardened of the elitists: he’s produced songs and albums by the likes of Chris Cornell, Ken Andrews, Melissa Auf Der Maur and Don Vail, he’s written songs for Courtney Love, and he’s had the likes of Storm Thorgeson, Vinnie Colaiuta and Lindsey Buckingham working on his own records.

This week, The Real Congregation and Marc With a C couldn’t be prouder that Jordon Zadorozny sat down to talk with us for the entire episode, taking an in-depth journey through his musical endeavors. From his early lo-fi days up to his new albums, (Abbey’s Phantast and Blinker The Star’s We Draw Lines), Jordon talks candidly about everything under the sun. We couldn’t be happier to bring this special episode to you!


  1. Bluish Boy :: Blinker The Star Bluish Boy - A Bourgeois Kitten
  2. We Draw Lines :: Blinker The Star We Draw Lines - We Draw Lines
  3. The Gaze You Gave :: Abbey The Gaze You Gave - The Gaze You Gave - Single
  4. Patch :: Blinker The Star Patch - Blinker the Star
  5. Song For Giggletrigger :: Blinker The Star Song for Giggletrigger - Blinker the Star
  6. Earman :: Blinker The Star Earman - A Bourgeois Kitten
  7. Flite Song :: Blinker The Star Flite Song - A Bourgeois Kitten
  8. Undergrowth :: Blinker The Star Undergrowth - A Bourgeois Kitten
  9. Below The Sliding Doors :: Blinker The Star Below the Sliding Doors - August Everywhere
  10. Crazy Eyes :: Blinker The Star Crazy Eyes - August Everywhere
  11. There’s Nowhere You Can Hide :: Blinker The Star There's Nowhere You Can Hide - August Everywhere
  12. Still In Rome :: Blinker The Star
  13. Girl In America :: Blinker The Star
  14. Amigo :: Blinker The Star
  15. Is This The Hour :: Abbey
  16. Burn Away :: Blinker The Star Burn Away - We Draw Lines
  17. Keep On :: Blinker The Star Keep On - We Draw Lines
  18. Nary Aloha :: Blinker The Star Nary Aloha - Blinker the Star



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