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Weekly Round-Up :: 4.27.23

Posted by Sophia Horn on April 27, 2012

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Nerdy Show Prime :: Busting Makes Us Feel Good – After years of worship, the gang has decided to dedicate an entire episode to Ghostbusters! But hold on to your Proton Packs, because the one and only Dan Aykroyd is joining in along with the creative team behind IDW’s ongoing Ghostbusters comic. Listen in as Cap, Hex, Brandon, Brian and Nerdy community member, Arkais, for an unforgettable episode.

Episode 43.5 :: Microsode – Nerdy Community Update – There’s some big changes coming to Nerdy Show!  Cap and Hex keep you posted on what’s up, and ask the community what would make their ultimate Nerdy Show experience.

Quantum Conundrum :: Kim Swift Video Interview – Cap was able to catch an interview with the creator of Portal, Kim Swift, during his time at this year’s PAX East. Watch as they discuss her new creation, Quantum Conundrum!

Nerdy Showcase

The Real Congregation :: Record Store Day/ One Day’s Diggin’ – Two topics in one show! Marc with a C discusses his excitement for 2012’s Record Store Day and what he plans on grabbing. The second half is all about the results of one day’s diggin’ in the record bins.

Bryan from Flame On! Visists The Comic Book Bears Podcast – Bryan guested on the Comic Book Bears’ show – more gay, geeky goodness!  Get on it!


$upport Flame On! – Don’t forget to support and decide the fate of the next episode. ONLY DAYS LEFT!

Nerdy.FM! – Last year we took the reigns on Internet radio station, 8-Bit FM, and made it into 24-7 streaming nerd music.  Sadly, 8-Bit’s hardware crashed and burned, but now it’s coming back as Nerdy.FM!  The return of 24/7 nerd music is upon us! It’ll launch in a couple months. Don’t miss the switch and like Nerdy.FM on Facebook for updates at


About Sophia Horn

A lover of all things nerdy, Sophie is generally found perusing comic book shops or googling the nearest donut spots. Impassioned Star Wars conversations, nostalgic retro gaming, and discussing old-school hip hop as if it was fine wine are some of her favorite things.

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