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Season 4 Episode 42.5 :: Microsode – TMNT Rip-Offs

Posted by NerdyShow on April 5, 2012

The insane success of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles spawned myriad offspring.  Whether mutants, aliens, or anything in between – the results were mixed at best, but as far as marketing was concerned these knock-offs were totally rad, and awesomely rude dudes.  Join Cap, Colin, Brandon, and Luke as we recollect our favorite and least favorite Ninja Turtle wannabes. If it’s drizzled in toxic waste, has a killer vehicle, and a gnarly action figure line we dig it up from the dark recesses of time.  Be sure to watch the show intros in the links below!

Note: This episode was recorded before Michael Bay’s TMNT announcement.


  1. Biker Mice from Mars Theme :: Jeff Scott Soto
  2. Samurai Pizza Cats Theme :: Michael Airington


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