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Ghostbusters Resurrection – Episode 9: Big Trouble in Little Vietnam

Posted by NerdyShow on April 28, 2012

Bustin’ makes us feel good! Nerdy Show is proud to debut the latest member of the Nerdy Show family: Ghostbusters Resurrection!

Check out all of season 1 here on Nerdy Show along with fan art and more at the official GBR page. Load up your iPod with this fantastic series and get ready for Season 2!

After experiencing a large PKE Pulse the night before, the Ghostbusters get a frantic call from a family in Little Vietnam that says their young daughter is possessed by a powerful demon. Knowing that this is a problem that can’t be solved by a simple blast of proton beams, the guys decide to test out their new non-lethal invention: The Slime Net.

Although this demon may prove to be more formidable than the Ghostbusters first expected, they’ll soon discover that this is only the beginning of the longest day of their lives.

Got a question for them? Notice some ghost or spectre at night? Give them a ring: (321) 209-2020


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