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Weekly Round-Up :: 4.7.12

Posted by Sophia Horn on April 6, 2012

Nerdy Show

Episode 42.5: Mircosode (TMNT Rip-Offs) – With all the popularity of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nerdy Show has decided not to talk about them and instead focus on the under-appreciated wannabes. Listen to  Cap, Colin, Brandon, and Luke reminisce about the various knock-offs.

Quadropenia – Nerdy Show tricked everyone into thinking the gang made another episode about dicks. What jokesters… Oh wait, they really did? Well in that case, you’re welcome.

Kilplix’s Flash Game Review: Koitsu – Interested in weird, head-scratching games? Enjoy Kilplix’s game review of the Koitsu, plus the top March freak-outs!

Triforce Mike Archives: Mike’s Video Last Will & Testament – In 2005 Triforce Mike created a world changing message through the Mario Paint. DISCLAIMER: Parental discretion is advised.

Nerdy Showcase

The Fake Congregation: Canned Cherry Surprise – Were you looking for Marc with a C? Well, he’s busy. So instead get your music fix through Cap. That starts with a C, so that’s close enough. The episode contains a dangerous game of mp3 roulette, didi mao!

Flame On: Game of Thrones 101 – Flame On never fails to keep the public informed on the latest topics, so this episode is dedicated to the HBO epidemic, Game of Thrones. Listen to Q, Bryan, and his brother Jeff discuss the ins and outs of the show.


$upport the Show (TV Show Dub) – Oh you generous listeners, you. The total for last month was a ridiculous $1630! Congrats and thank you to March’s drive winners ViralDemon, Andrew Welsch, Jeffro.Tull, and Hexual for donating an outstanding $629 dollars in order to have Star Trek: TNG dubbed by Nerdy Show.

$upport the Show (Flame On) – Donate and you can decide the fate of the upcoming Flame On episode! Ultimate power!

Viral Demon – Give a huge Nerdy Show welcome to LOGAAAN JENKINS! We’re all excited to have you as an honorary producer, sir.

Dungeons & Doritos Fan Art – Are you interested in having your eyes gaze upon beautiful, creative masterpieces? Well, check out Hexuality’s new fan art among the other wonderful creations.

Nerdy Show Live: Tim Curry-A-Thon! – This is a reminder about the excitement of this month’s fan-funded Tim Curry marathon! On Saturday, April 14th from 12pm-12am Eastern we’re going to be streaming the event at our live hub, BE THERE.

Nerdy Show PAX East Gathering *Archive Forums – Cap and Hex are there! Are you?

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A lover of all things nerdy, Sophie is generally found perusing comic book shops or googling the nearest donut spots. Impassioned Star Wars conversations, nostalgic retro gaming, and discussing old-school hip hop as if it was fine wine are some of her favorite things.

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