Season 4 Episode 39.5 :: Microsode – Viva La Vita

Posted by NerdyShow on March 5, 2012

Coming to you live from the sales floor of Play N Trade Oviedo – It’s a video game microsode! Brandon recently got a PlayStation Vita, Sony’s new handheld which we raved about at last year’s E3.  Brandon’s finally got his hands on one and he insisted that we do a microsode on it post haste.

Join Brandon, Jonna, Cap, and Tony (with Hex popping in) to find out just what the PSV is capable of.  Pros, cons, tech specs, and why finally, after myriad failures, Sony has finally made a handheld worth a damn.  Also, hear reviews of the latest Uncharted, Golden Abyss and the HD Ninja Gaiden port – both for PSV.


  1. Blue Candle :: 8 Bit Bandit
  2. Pursuit of a Demon :: Eon Blue


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