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Nerdy Show Prime: Nerdcore – Part 1

Posted by NerdyShow on March 1, 2012

Nerd music is one of the key focuses here at Nerdy Show, so it’s our absolute pleasure to devote a two-part Prime episode to it! Our very own Hex, is something of a nerd music historian and for this momentous occasion he’s brought along the only other being whose knowledge in the field surpasses his own, Z from Hipster, Please! and Wired’s GeekDad. Also joining us for the ride is a bold new force in the world of nerd music who wants to learn more about the genre’s past: comic rapper extraordinaire, Adam WarRock!

Join Hex, Cap, and Triforce Mike as they delve deep into a seldom-chronicled corner of nerd history.  For the first time anywhere, Nerdy Show is proud to present: the complete history of nerd music.

Special thanks to: Anti Luke, Ross Butler, Big Bad Shadow Man, BlameTheWizards, lgolem, Flaninja, Sage0, Darren Reid, and Arkais who made this show possible with their generous support.

Click here for Part 2

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  1. Dare to Be Stupid :: “Weird Al” Yankovic Dare to Be Stupid - Dare to Be Stupid
  2. Nanoloop :: Oliver Wittchow nanoloop - Oliver Wittchow
  3. Funky Pills :: Virt
  4. Castlevania :: The Minibosses
  5. Meganerd :: YT Cracker
  6. Bit Pop :: Shael Riley
  7. Helix Nebula :: Anamanaguchi Helix Nebula - Power Supply
  8. Rage Street :: MegaDriver
  9. Grow Up :: Mega Ran Grow Up - Mega Ran
  10. 62 Miles :: Bud Melvin 62 Miles - Escape from Eden
  11. Girl Fight :: Pixelh8 Girl Fight - The Boy With the Digital Heart
  12. Triangular :: Chromelodeon

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