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Season 4 Episode 39 :: MegaCon ’12

Posted by NerdyShow on February 23, 2012

In past years, Nerdy Show has covered the festivities at MegaCon, but this year Nerdy Show WAS a festivity at MegaCon! We had a booth in Artist’s Alley where we debuted the Dungeons & Doritos comic, and we hosted our first convention panel!

Join Cap, Hex, Brian, Tony, and Flame On’s Bryan as we share our MegaCon ’12 experience: the panels we took in, the costumes we saw, the people we met, the art we love and more.¬† PLUS if you didn’t get a chance to see Nerdy Show’s first con panel in person – hear it in its entirety this episode courtesy of Channel Zero. Get psyched for next year’s MegaCon, AND Nerdy Show’s continued con presence in 2012!


  1. Booster Gold :: Adam WarRock feat. Mikal kHill of The Thought Criminals
  2. Harder, Better, Faster, Cheaper :: Cheapshot
  3. Prancing Dad :: Prince of Darkness

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