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NEW MERCH! Dungeons and Doritos Issue 1

Posted by NerdyShow on February 21, 2012

At long-last!  The D&D comic is here!



THREE FORMATS TO CHOOSE FROM! There’s the standard comic printing with a cover by Tony and Cap, a budget-priced digital issue, or the limited-edition sketch variant printed on bristol drawing paper with an exclusive sketch by one of our resident Nerdy Show artists. Check out Tony’s gallery of some of his sketch covers from MegaCon ’12. (You can also buy the issue blank if you want to have someone else draw on it. But promise to show us, kay?)

Also- The Legend of Triforce Mike tribute shirt!


Triforce Mike’s legend lives on! This tributary shirt celebrates the craziest nerd the world has ever known and supports the charity that A Comic Shop and Nerdy Show started in his name: The Find Your MAP Foundation. (His initials are M.A.P., get it?) MAP is all about helping people to find their direction in life, make creative projects a reality, and discover your inner Triforce Mike.

Want to see the shirt in action? Check out this video:

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