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Nerdy Strip 43: It’s About Damn Time

Posted by Sketchadude on February 21, 2012

When last we left our insipid artist, he had made some sort of silly joke about Firefly coming back to TV. Isn’t that still such a relevant joke?

Well, I’m BACK! Your friendly neighborhood drawfriend has returned to his art table having completed the first issue of Dungeons and Doritos (available for sale here.) It feels good to be back.

To those of you waiting for the next installment of Lefty and Jamela, fret not as there IS more coming. With everything that’s been going on with Nerdy Show at MegaCon and the release of the first DnD book (did I mention that’s for sale?) things have gotten a little kerfuffled. In the meantime, enjoy the events of my first day out of the pit, rendered as best I can remember them.


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