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Cap’s RPG Valentines Circa ’96-’97

Posted by Cap on February 13, 2012


In 1995, when I was in 5th Grade I was obsessed with Secret of Mana.  So deep was my obsession that for Valentine’s Day I made SoM-themed Valentines for my class of about twenty or so kids and our teacher, Mrs. Fletcher.  Each of them was hand-drawn and colored, featured a completely unique scenario heavily referencing the actual in-game backgrounds, and usually had an awful pun of some sort.  That year they were all given away and so I have no reference for them, and hardly any recollection of what I did.

The following year, in 6th Grade, I wanted to do it again. But I’d pretty much tapped-out SoM so this time I’d do a bunch of different RPGs: Earthbound, Secret of Evermore, Chrono Trigger, Mario RPG, and Breath of Fire II. Unfortunately, I never finished the cards that year and only got a handful done.  I picked it up for a bit the next year, but still didn’t give myself enough time to work on them.  Below are my hand-drawn RPG Valentines from 1996-7.  This year I give them to you, Internet.  Have a sexy time.




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  • How were the 1995 valentines received?

  • Cap

    @prehemencie We gave ’em all out in class. That was the plan for these too.

  • At the grocery store where I work part time, my password for one of the systems we use is “634”. No one will ever guess it or understand it.

    I know your obsession, Cap.

  • Oh my God, that Secret of Mana card.

    Cap, you need to make more of these and post them up immediately. These are fantastic.

  • I meant, how did your class like them.

  • These are really good, you should think about sending the earthbound ones to earthboundcentral, they would really like to see stuff from 96-97 that hasn’t shown up online until now.

  • That’s precious XD

  • All of these take me back. If I’d had the opportunity I’d probably have done one with the Biting Lizard from Undine’s Cave in SoM or toaster dog from SoE, or Gato, or…well, okay, I can see how this could be a bit overwhelming.

    Thanks, bud.

  • Cap

    @prehemencie Ah! Gotcha. Well… it wasn’t a let-down or anything. They were hand drawn and in color so people thought they were neat, but no one had played SoM but me.

    @unnoticedhero I did! And they reposted us! D’awwww-some. Also, Tomato is a Nerdy Show listener AAAAHHH!

  • Cap

    @huduvudu Yeah… I wish wish wish that I could remember what I did for the SoM cards. I remember that I gave my teacher one of Sprite riding Fammie – no clue what it said. And I’m pretty sure I used “you’re a blast” for a Cannon Travel card.

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