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Season 4 Episode 34.5 :: Nerdy Show Book Club

Posted by NerdyShow on January 12, 2012

You know what we don’t talk about enough on Nerdy Show?  Books. And that’s a damn shame. We’re not talking about comic books, we’re talking about honest to got letters-on-a-page books. They’re the original nerd medium! Turns out, most of us here at Nerdy Show are avid book junkies. So it’s about time we started up a book club – in podcast form of course!

This microsode comes to you courtesy of Jobarda, who might be a visionary for opening the book (as it were) on Nerdy Show’s book love.  Join Cap, Hex, Colin, and Brandon for some much-needed booking out.


  1. Read a Book :: D-Mite Read a Book - Read a Book Single
  2. Ahab :: MC Lars Ahab - The Graduate

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