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Poll: How do you want to buy the D&D comic?

Posted by NerdyShow on January 4, 2012

Hey gang! Here’s an update on the first issue of the D&D comic. We intend for it to be ready by MegaCon – Orlando, Feb 17th-19th. We’ll be at the event with a table, signing issues, doing sketches, and someone will be in full character costume…

But here’s the thing – we don’t know how many copies to order for the first print run!  We know there’s a lot of you out there, but we don’t really know how many. Or, for that matter, how you like to do your comic purchasing.  So lend us a hand and let us know with this poll!

Keep in mind, digital fanciers, that this print run will be limited and cool. We’re also looking into doing sketch covers – meaning that a limited number would have have exclusive art by Tony, Cap, maybe even someone else unique to that issue.

[polldaddy poll=”5810649″]

(Allow scripts to see poll)

UPDATE: Just to clarify.  We’re definitely doing a basic print run and digital – we’re just trying to figure out what the initial print run should be.  Thanks gang!

We’re really excited about finally releasing this! Finally the story of how Vimak, Jamela, Jen’Ifer, and Chair banded together can be told!

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