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Season 4 Episode 34 :: MAGalicious

Posted by NerdyShow on December 26, 2011

December is always an odd month for music releases. It’s rich with a lot of Holiday themed tracks, but there are also solid NON holiday tracks that sneak in that need some love. All this month, Hex has been dying to get these tracks out, but there hasn’t been a chance… UNTIL NOW!!

Not only is this a music HEAVY episode (four more than usual), but we also got two great guests!! Music Department Head of MAGFest, Big Mat, joins us to tell us exactly why YOU should be excited for the upcoming event as well as metal infused chiptune master, Danimal Cannon, to talk about his new album Roots. He will be at MAGFest, probably getting drunk with Hex. A good time will be had by all!

So kick back, grab the good head phones and enjoy this Musicsode!


  1. Chemical Blip :: Anti-Syne
  3. The Sound of a Thousand Voices Screaming in Unison :: Kidd Cabbage
  4. Wood & Water Rage :: Descendants of Erdrick
  5. Super Mario Bros :: This Place Is Haunted
  6. Liberi Fatali :: Earthbound Papas
  7. Jean-Luc :: Danimal Cannon
  8. Danimal Across America (IRL Mix) :: Danimal Cannon
  9. goonies 2 :: minibosses
  10. Obedience :: Marc with a C
  11. Juggernaut :: Adam WarRock
  12. Singularity :: Mustin


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