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Season 4 Episode 33 :: Microsode – I Angrily Opened the Door

Posted by NerdyShow on December 19, 2011

December has been a busy month for us behind the scenes, working on bigger projects than our usual week-to-week episodes. As a result we haven’t had a chance you talk with you, our beloved fan peoples. So Hex, Cap and Jonna got together to talk about the recent movie marathon drive, share some truly awesome fan love, and read the most insane (and in this case thought-provoking) bot thread ever, mysteriously titled “I Angrily Opened The Door”.  Hear about some of our latest happenings, the secrets of Atomic Robo volume 6, and more in this fan-tasmic microsode!


  1. I Am an Action Scientist :: Adam WarRock
  2. Feeling Good :: Videogame Orchestra

December Movie Marathon Topics:


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