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Season 4 Episode 31 :: Put a Tail On it!

Posted by NerdyShow on December 1, 2011

Holiday game releases are running rampant! We can barely keep tabs on all the awesome that’s coming out and demanding our money. Nintendo, after a very very lackluster 2011, is finally hitting the ground running with three big releases: Super Mario 3D Land, Zelda: Skyward Sword, and Mario Kart 7.  We discuss our current feelings on the Big N and our experiences with the two games currently out: Mario and Zelda.  Discussion gets heated and there’s some legitimate surprises.  Forget what you think you know- let Brandon, Jonna, Cap, Mike, and Hex shove our thoughts into your brain meats!

We also commemorate the dawn of a new era on our Minecraft Server of Awesome by reading community fan fiction in which the original SoA is destroyed and then we share how the new SoA rose from the ashes.  Put a Tail On it!


  1. Under Logic :: BGM1401
  2. No Rest :: Adam WarRock
  3. Monstrous Turtles  :: Zurcon
  4. Super Mario 3 Medley  ::  Warp Zone
  5. Thunderstruck :: Big Giant Circles feat. Jeff Ball
  6. Ballad of The Goddess from Skyward Sword :: Koji Kondo
  7. Squishy’s Theme :: The Orichalcon
  8. Broken Robots :: Death*Star


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