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OCAD and Nerdy Show X-Over – LIVE

Posted by NerdyShow on December 18, 2011

UPDATE: Due to technical difficulties we’re streaming here:

OTHER UPDATE: Maybe we’re on Ustream, maybe we’re on 8BitX. Tech problems abound!

Can you smell it in the air?  What is that?  It’s stinky like chestnuts but there’s something more, something even stinkier, yet decidedly festive… OH It must be the arousing musk of an impending Nerdy Show After Dark.  Nerdy Show and the OCAD boys are lubed and ready to couple again for the holidays.  Another Merrie Remixmas is almost upon us.  This year the holiday cheer is LIVE!

OCAD does a weekly live show these days over at a nerdy radio network called 8BitX. They kick it Sundays 7pm-9pm Eastern Time and that’s when the celebrations will commence.  This isn’t just a Remixmas party -nay! it’s also the OCADemy Awards – user voted highlights of 2011’s most excellent products and thing-a-ma-jigs! You can still vote, so get to it! vote in the OCADemy Awards HERE. (You’re voting Nerdy Show as best guest host, right?).

ALSO we’ll be reading the super-NSFW OCAD/ Nerdy Show fan/slash fic that you naughty naughty boys and girls have been writing over at the forums.  You have ’til the 17th to add your sexiness to it.

LIVE SUNDAY, 12 /18! 7pm-9pm EST on 8BitX

Click the link above to find out how to tune into the show.

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