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The Real Congregation :: Tales Of Michael Nesmith 11/22/11

Posted by MarcWithaC on November 22, 2011

The Real CongregationIn the world of multimedia, Michael Nesmith is one pioneering badass. Comparable only to the likes of Chuck Norris, Theodore Roosevelt and Bill Brasky, he’s the godfather of MTV, home video and online virtual worlds. Not to mention making four decades worth of brilliant songs and bucking trends. You simply aren’t ready for all of the facts about this genius, nor are you ready for just how far ahead of the curve he remains. But don’t worry, The Real Congregation is going to ease you in, starting with his pre-Monkees recordings all the way up to his relentless solo work… and by the end of the episode, you’ll likely be erecting a statue of Papa Nez in your front yard.

Your host Marc With a C is joined this week by composer (and fellow Nesmith fanatic) Chris Zabriskie. Hear us freak out over every single nuance of Michael Nesmith’s storied history!


  1. The New Recruit :: Michael Blessing
  2. You Told Me :: The Monkees You Told Me (Album Version) - Headquarters
  3. Tapioca Tundra :: The Monkees Tapioca Tundra - The Birds, the Bees, & the Monkees
  4. Circle Sky (live) :: The Monkees Circle Sky (Live Version) - Head
  5. Listen To The Band (live) :: The Monkees
  6. Silver Moon :: Michael Nesmith & The First National Band Silver Moon - Loose Salute
  7. Keep On :: Michael Nesmith Keep On - And the Hits Just Keep on Comin'
  8. Roll With The Flow (live) :: Michael Nesmith Roll With the Flow - Live at The Palais
  9. Cruisin’ :: Michael Nesmith Cruisin' - Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma
  10. Light :: Michael Nesmith Light - Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma
  11. Total Control :: Michael Nesmith Total Control - The Newer Stuff
  12. Tahiti Condo :: Michael Nesmith Tahiti Condo - The Newer Stuff
  13. Formosa Diner :: Michael Nesmith Formosa Diner - The Newer Stuff
  14. Five Second Concerts (live) :: Michael Nesmith 5 Second Concerts - Live At the Britt Festival
  15. I Am Not That :: Michael Nesmith



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