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Season 4 Episode 29 :: October Adventures – Moogfest and GMX ’11

Posted by NerdyShow on November 9, 2011


October-festi-con-ventures! Cap, Hex, Colin, and Luke get together to talk about young-but-feisty festivals and other assorted nerdery from the always-busy month of October. Cap went to Asheville, NC to the amazing Moogfest and reports back on fascinating talks from Brian Eno and many other mad-scientist musician types.  Meanwhile, Colin and Luke come back from GMX (Geek media Expo) ’11 with food poisoning and a Reboot button, but also lots of love for the burgeoning Nashville Expo and a special Portal-related treat YOU CAN ONLY HEAR HERE (…and also on YouTube).

We also discuss the dramatic, complex world of donation drives, ongoing adventures on the forums, the newly christened Roosevelt Nuker, and how you guys are about to get SO MANY MICROSODES. Huzzah! Big words formed from smaller words smashed together! Botulism!


  1. KABOOM! :: I Fight Dragons Kaboom! - Kaboom!
  2. El Lobo :: Weekend Pilots El Lobo - The Weekend Pilots
  3. Deflektor :: Zero Division
  4. Still Alive – Live at GMX :: GLADOS and The Companion Cubes
  5. Midnight City :: M83 Midnight City - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming.
  6. Let Me Dope You (Streets of Rage) :: Childish Gambino Remixed by Team Teamwork
  7. (The Legend of) Area Dolls Guy (A Mix to the Past) :: Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire feat. Mega Ran
  8. Living In America (Crappy Hotel Version) :: YTCracker


  • From listening to this episode I get the feeling that at least some of The Nerdy Show are aware of its existence already, but as a public service announcement to my fellow listeners:

    Go listen to Radiolab at Period.

    (Especially if you were interested in the hive mind intelligence/ox weighing subject. They have an episode called “Emergence” that deals specifically with that topic.)

  • My family owned sugar gliders for many years when I was growing up. They can definitely be smelly pissers.

    My family got them just before we briefly lived near Orlando in 1999.

  • Why u no appreciate my name? Eez very cool name in my country of Canada. 😀

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