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NERDY SHOWCASE: Marc With A C’s The Real Congregation

Posted by Luke on November 8, 2011

feat with textNerdy Show is proud to announce the addition of Marc With A C’s The Real Congregation to our Nerdy Showcase podcast roster! The Real Congregation is a weekly journey into record geek and nerdy indie musician, Marc With A C’s, music collection. Marc finds the best songs that you’ve never heard before, haven’t heard in quite some time, and in some cases – you may never want to hear again. From The Dead Milkmen to Living Colour, Pink Floyd to Red Pony, Atom And His Package to Zappa and all points in between – there’s always plenty of insightful discussion, as well as the occasional themed shows and special guests (including Cap and Hex in this first episode!). The best songs from the best bands talked about by the nerdiest of nerds on the subject, what more could you ask for? Nothing more, you greedy jerks!

Check out the debut episode of The Real Congregation at Nerdy Show here!

In case you’ve been residing in a cavern beneath the earth, or perhaps a floating skycity with no contact with our surface world, Marc With A C is a prolific indie pop rocker. Since 1999 he’s released nine official albums as well as countless EP’s, live albums and official bootlegs. His taste for a “retro low-fi” sound sees him recording using whatever equipment/instruments are on hand to catch what the songs actually sound like. His latest album is a ten-song story called Motherfuckers Be Bullshittin’, which we premiered on 8BitFM.  Marc has been recognized multiple times, along with Nerdy Show in the Orlando Weekly‘s Best of Awards and has performed at festivals including Athens Pop Fest and Nerdapalooza.

The Real Congregation’s shift to the podcast format comes hot on the heels of a much-lauded two-year run at Orlando/Winter Park, Florida’s college radio station, WPRK, where the show broadcast to the greater Orlando area as well as gaining a substantial international listenership via online streaming and broadcast archiving at “Season 2” of The Real Congregation launched TODAY, with new episodes coming weekly – every Tuesday! You can subscribe to the show on iTunes by subscribing to Nerdy Show! I mean, surely you’ve done that already. Those of you who haven’t, we know who you are, and what you do when you’re “alone”.

Let us know what you think of the new show, chat about some of the musicians and topics we discussed, and more over at the Nerdy Show Forums!

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