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The Server of Awesome: News Update and a Poll!

Posted by NerdyShow on October 9, 2011

Hey hey peeps!  There’s a surplus of SoA events and announcements moaning under the surface.  The announcement of the long-awaited winners of the TV Build-A-Thon, the SoA’s 1st birthday, Minecon and the end of Beta, fan projects, and more!  But first, a news bulletin as all these events come into place.

First thing’s first:  The Server turns 1 year old this Wednesday!  (October 12th) While it’s really hard to pinpoint that first crazy night that Mike, Brandon, and Cap stayed up until 5am Minecrafting (the ACTUAL server birthday) we do know the date that the server went public, October 12th, with the launch of Nerdy Show season 4.

This is the perfect occasion for everyone to get together on the SoA for a big group event.  This Wednesday, pop on when you can, say hi, do some building!  There’s a thread for event planning over at the forum, HERE. RSVP and share your memories.

POLL: Should the SoA restart when Beta ends?

With the 1.8 update to the Minecraft Beta – there were a crap-ton of changes!  Fortunately, the SoA was unphased and no major glitches kept us from operating. However, the server is now crazy huge – so large we can’t make maps of it any more. And it only gets bigger due to the distance needed to encounter new elements of Minecraft (biomes, towns, materials, etc.). It was proposed on the forums that perhaps we should start fresh when Beta ends and the majority of replies were in favor of it.

You amazing and indeed legendary Minecrafters have made an incredible world – the likes of which we never imagined.  The Server is a place of history and wonder – and we’d never let that go.  If we start a new SoA, the original SoA will always be available via some means online – at least to download, possibly also hosted for play.  A new Server would likely run better for longer as far as programming, modding, etc goes.  Cap wrote a post on the forums detailing what a new SoA would be like and some plans for the future.

This is a community, so it’s only right that we vote on such a momentous decision.

[polldaddy poll=”5546777″]

The poll ends November 1st, in order to allow prep time should the reset be decided.

Other Updates:

A SoA MOVIE!? – There’s a community project in the works to film some machinima on the Server with SoA Minecrafters doing some acting!  Get in on the project HERE.

Last Minute Build-A-Thon Prize Addition! – October is a busy month, we’re struggling to get our announcement of the TV Build-A-Thon winners recorded, but in the meantime we ended up with a strange and unexpected additional prize for the cache: A French Fry signed by Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward! Cap bid on the fry as a joke, planning to add it to the contest if it won, and unexpectedly… we won it! Now second place gets to choose 3 prizes from the remaining cache.

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