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Season 4 Episode 27 :: Dark Holes

Posted by NerdyShow on October 25, 2011

At long last – IT’S HERE!  The episode where we announce the winners of our 2nd Minecraft Build-A-Thon.  The theme? Television.  This episode is also our first to discuss Minecraft following the game-changing Adventure Update. But that’s not all!  Recently we debuted a live streaming site, Watch Brandon Play Video Games, where you can interact with gaming correspondent, Brandon, while he does what he does best with the latest games.  His debut title was the much-anticipated, Dark Souls, and in this episode he gives his full review.

Join Hex, Cap, Brandon, and Luke (who’s not late to anything for a change) as we celebrate one year on the Server of Awesome, the incredible winners of the Television Build-A-Thon, the latest on Minecraft both the game and our own positively awesome community, a video game review, AND a new religion. In this episode we read the Holy Scriptures of Hexianity, which is easily the craziest thing Nerdy Show fans have ever come up with.


  1. First Crush :: Sabrepulse feat. Knife City
  2. Trollspammaren :: Spamtron
  3. Nairobi Hop (Vs. Team Kenya) :: DCT, LuIzA, Mega Ran, Mr. Jones, & Khakolak Boy
  4. Equestria Girls :: MLP
  5. Battlestar Galactica (Cylon Dubstep Remix) :: The Weekend Pilots
  6. The Great Gray Wolf, Sif :: Motoi Sakuraba
  7. Byte Blocks :: Sir_NutS
  8. Apple Sounds Song (For Steve) :: Whitaker Blackall
  9. Not Afraid :: Shael Riley

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