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Season 4 Episode 26 :: Drawn Together

Posted by NerdyShow on October 20, 2011

No, it’s not a send up to the cult favorite animated series, Drawn Together, it’s another episode of Nerdy Show! Get out your monocles and cigarette holders, ’cause it’s time for a culturesode.  We’re dropping some science with chiptune rappers, Supercommuter and hanging with the minds behind the uncanny nerd art blog, Drawn Blanks.

Supercommuter’s Wheelie Cyberman (formerly of Optimus Rhyme) and Stenobot come to us fresh from a summer of awesomeness at PAX Prime and the release of their second album, Products of Science. They share with us the deeply nerdy origins of their friendship, and the passion of being a not-for-profit nerd band.  Then we have an in-person round table chat with nearly all of Drawn Blanks. Including Nerdy Show’s own Tony, Flame On!’s Jarrod, Brian Wolf, Travis Earls, and Walter Ostlie.  Only Kaymonstar was absent. They’re a drawing-a-day art blog where each week they all give their interpretations of a different nerdy theme or subject.  We talk about the art collective’s origins, how they pick topics, their personal projects, and more.  If you aren’t following them – you damn well should!  Now sip that martini and click play.


  1. Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever :: Alice Cooper Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever - Welcome 2 My Nightmare
  2. Toad Lickers :: Thomas Dolby The Toad Lickers (feat. Imogen Heap) - A Map of the Floating City
  3. Feel the Force (Yoda) :: melodysheep
  4. A Wiry Opponent :: Inverse Phase
  5. Natural Immunity (ft. Stumblebee) :: Supercommuter
  6. Robot Party :: Supercommuter
  7. One Winged Virus (Deltron3030 v. Final Fantasy 7) :: DJ Nerd42
  8. Something About Us [8-Bit Daft Punk] :: Dj CUTMAN

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