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NERDY SHOW LIVE! Streaming series premieres!

Posted by NerdyShow on October 3, 2011

We’re pleased to announce a new feature for Nerdy Show – NERDY SHOW LIVE! Nerdy Show Live will be a hub for streaming of live events, chats, and regular series of content. We’ll be launching the video hub soon – but first we’re pleased to announce our first regular streaming series: Watch Brandon Play Video Games!

If you know our gaming correspondent Brandon from his appearances on Nerdy Show, then you know that he’s got strong opinions, a crazy mouth, and masochistic tastes.  Playing video games is his life, and now you can join him on the couch at the Nerdy Show house for hours and hours and hours of gratuitous gaming. Where’s that going down, you ask? Just pop on over to to join the stream, watch, and chat!

For his debut game, Brandon has chosen the ultimate punishment: Dark Souls. Dark Souls is the jacked-up sequel to the brutal Demon’s Souls.  No pause, overwhelming challenges, constant death and dismemberment, all set in a gruesome medieval fantasy setting.  The games comes out at midnight, 10/4! Brandon will be picking up the game as soon as he can and streaming until he can stay awake no more! (We estimate stream start at 12:30 EST)

After Dark Souls, who knows!  But every time Brandon games, he’ll be linked in and streaming.  To follow when Brandon will be on and what games he’s playing, stay tuned to Nerdy Show’s facebook and twitter pages and look for the hashtag: #watchbrandongame. To get live updates for when Brandon’s on pick up the FREE Livestream App. If you miss anything you can always watch archived videos.

In the meantime, watch the Dark Souls trailer and get pumped:

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