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Season 4 Episode 23 :: Douche Hex: Human Revolution

Posted by NerdyShow on September 15, 2011

We approach a cyberpunk as f*ck video game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and also talk about the science behind it (and weird stuff involving goats) in this video game / sci-tech combo episode. Join Hex, Brandon, Cap, Jon, and Brian as we talk about everything in the game from the transhumanist implications to the crazy racist character that made all of us give a double take.

So come join us in this romp into a view of the orange-tinted, small screened future that Deus Ex teases us with!


  1. Sugar Rush (ft. Stalara, NES-T, Milk-Plus) :: Torrentz
  2. Icarus Main Theme :: Michael McCann
  3. The Price :: Sunspot
  4. Over It :: Yip-Yip
  5. SkypeSteo (ft. Faith in the Glitch) :: Dj CUTMAN
  6. Steve Irwin :: TribeOne
  7. Decisive Battle :: S.S.H.
  8. Love is a Loaded Pistol :: Thomas Dolby


  • YES.
    As a raging Deus Ex maniac, I must say that, even though I didn’t ask for this, I still had a nerdgasm when I saw the theme. Will listen to it as soon as possible.

  • Mis-labeled as “Episode 22” in the article. No biggie 😛

  • Hex

    Everything goes to crap the moment Cap steps out the door!! One of these days I’ll do something right 😛

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