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Season 4 Episode 21 :: Infinite Robotics

Posted by NerdyShow on August 18, 2011

It’s comic book time!  Not too long ago we did an episode focusing on comic movies, but it’s been a while since we really got into it with comics.  There’s plenty of stuff going on in Marvel and DC what with the new Spider-Man, Marvel’s Big Shots, and the world-altering Flashpoint event and we touch on all that good stuff – but that’s not the main event.  This episode we fantastic interviews with some incredible indie talent.

First up is Kagan McLeod who’s recently-released graphic novel, Infinite Kung Fu, will shatter your rib cage with its otherworldly martial arts awesomeness.  We talk with him about how his book rose from a self-published single-issue to a massive graphic novel, Chinese mythology, and more. Have a look at this trailer for the book and perhaps you’ll understand the power within its bindings:

Then we turn the interrogation lamp onto our very own Mr. Brian Clevinger and for the first time ever, Atomic Robo artist and co-creator, Scott Wegener.  The latest volume of Robo has been collected, another is about to begin, and there’s a second series looming on the horizon – so suffice it to say we have much to discuss with these dastardly devils.

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  1. Study Hall :: Adam WarRock feat. Tribe One
  2. Wanted :: Bit_Rat
  3. Last Ninja 2 ‘Central Park Metal Mix’ :: Commando 64
  4. The Warrior’s Code :: Thunderclash
  5. Kraid’s Campfire Ballad :: Sebastian Mårtensson feat. Kristin Björkebäck
  6. Function :: Pixelh8 Function - Obsolete?
  7. Creatures ov Deception :: Rainbowdragoneyes
  8. Super Metroid ‘Avien’ :: Theophany


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