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Season 4 Episode 20 :: Catherine!!!

Posted by NerdyShow on August 12, 2011

Relationships are hard work!  So are puzzle games.  You wouldn’t think that those two concepts would be a Reese Peanut Butter Cups chocolate-in-my-peanut-butter/peanut-butter-in-my-chocolate kinda situation, but it turns out that it works.  Some doofus tripped and got his Q-Bert all up inside your relationship problems and somewhere a Catherine baby got squirted out.

If that doesn’t make any kinds sense to you, you’d best tune in.  ATLUS’ Catherine is a game unlike any you’ve ever played before and Brandon, Jonna, and Mike have some sleep-deprived craziness to share with you.  Joined by Cap and Hex, the team gets together and discuss this cool, new game, the latest game news, our Marvel Vs. Capcom Mixtape, and a NEW Minecraft Build-A-Thon contest!  Listen in!

Minecraft Television Build-A-Thon

Listen in to this episode for details and to hear us discuss prizes and ideas. Click the image above to take you to the contest page for the rules and regulations, and GET BUILDING!


  1. Tanuki :: Heath McNEase
  2. Dogfights & Dynamite :: The Bossfights Dogfights & Dynamite - The Bossfights
  3. Tonight :: Lukhash
  4. She Had Angry Pixels :: Benjamin Briggs
  5. Bach – “Little” Fugue In G Minor :: Shoji Meguro
  6. Bizet – L’Arle’sienne Second Suite “Farandole” :: Shoji Meguro
  7. Chrono Corridor :: FFmusic DJ
  8. Heavy Mako :: Knight of the Round

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