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Season 4 Episode 17 :: Nerdapalooza 2011: The Pre-Show

Posted by NerdyShow on July 12, 2011

We spend all year talking about Nerdapalooza.  NOW the event is almost upon us and excitement is high!  This is Nerdy Show’s annual pre-show, the last stand before an explosive weekend of mayhem. Join Cap, Hex, and Tony for a taste of what’s to come.

All the final details have been made and Hex walks us throughwhat to expect, a candid history of Nerdapalooza’s evolution, and we tease out some secrets about what Nerdy Show is going to be revealing at the show.  (People unable to make it out, be sure to keep your eyes peeled online. You will shit brix.)  We interview superhero funk band, Beebs and Her Money Maker$, who are making their big Nerdapalooza debut this year.  Get hip to Beeb’s orgasmic kazoo playing and dig their secrets, such as the nasty side effects of cryo-sleep,  and how to properly torture robots. We also all share what we’re most excited about for the fest and even dial up Mike while drunk a party to get his thoughts on the matter.  Chaos ensues.

In this episode we talk about A LOT of cool stuff in this episode, be sure to check it all out below in our fat-pact links section.  But first… listen to THIS:


  1. No Kontrol :: I Fight Dragons No Kontrol - Welcome to the Breakdown
  2. Death Machines [Live at Nerdapalooza 2008] :: Krondor Krew
  3. Norfair :: Metroid Metal Norfair (NES) - Expansion Pack
  4. The Bender [Live at Nerdapalooza 2009] :: Schaffer the Darklord
  5. Hand Out :: Beebs and Her Money Maker$
  6. Voices :: Beebs and Her Money Maker$
  7. Father of Death :: The Protomen Father of Death - Act II: The Father of Death
  8. Metal Dance [Live at Nerdapalooza 2010] :: The Megas and Mega Ran

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