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Season 4 Episode 16 :: Flame War

Posted by NerdyShow on July 5, 2011

Flame On is Nerdy Show’s all-gay, all-geek sista’ podcast.  Perhaps you’ve checked out their awesome show by now, but we’d like you to officially meet the boys of Flame On.  Get to know Byran, Jarrod, Oral, Eric, and The Question, learn their secret origins. This episode they’re chillin’ with Triforce Mike and Cap, so you know things are gonna be real cool.  For our first Flame On/Nerdy Show X-Over we thought we’d talk about something that both shows have mutually raging hardons for: COMIC BOOKS!

We talk about our reactions to both X-Men: First Class and Green Lantern as summer movie season heats up with comic-based action.  We’ve got a lot to say about both films and it’s not what we would have expected if you’d asked us several months ago.  (SPOILER ALERT! We get into these films in-full) We also dig into the biggest thing in comics news this summer, the DC Reboot, where every single book is restarting at issue 1 with some major changes.  Hear our pros and cons on all these topics, discover who’s a bottom, who’s a top – and more!  FLAME ON!


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  • OmniG-Sage

    talk about derailments… honestly I enjoyed GL (had no real expectations for it) I would have liked more time on Oa as well, or at least more screen time for Kilawog and Tomar Re but eh. I was iffy on Chris Evans as an actor and candidate for Cap. until i watched “the Losers” again and i was a bit more accepting. If Marvel is going to put Namor in a film (now I know next to nothing of what they are doing with the film, i like it better this way with any film usually) but why not alongside Captain America as they were both in the Invaders. When I saw that nightwing would be back i had kinda hoped it was Tim (partly because im sick of the “Red Robin YUM” joke) but I did like the new red robin wing design.

  • OmniG-Sage

    that was a mouthful and slightly convoluted, but I think you guys get the jist, great show guys

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