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Nerdy Show Prime: Voice Acting! Part 2

Posted by NerdyShow on July 14, 2011


Part 2 of our Nerdy Show Prime 2-part feature on VOICE ACTING!

Click here for Part 1.

When it comes to animation – voice actors define a character. Sure, there’s the writing and the animation, but it’s the voice that really sells the character. What would the animated characters be without their iconic voices bringing each of those characters to life? What’s the difference between a good anime dub and a bad one? It’s the voices.

In this two-part Nerdy Show Prime episode, we celebrate voice actors, their legacy in animation and other mediums. We discuss the history of voice acting, famous voice actors, defining roles and interview some greats of the field. In our second part of this double-length voice acting feature we speak to prolific anime voice actor, Vic Mignogna, star of Full Metal Alchemist, as well as Mr. Badass himself: Steve Blum who’s put hair on your chest as Wolverine, and Spike Spiegel.  In this episode we also discuss the origin of voice acting: radio dramas, as well as share some voice acting secrets about our own radio drama, Dungeons & Doritos.

This is our first fan-commissioned episode! Our hats are off to Byron McIssac and Ross Butler who donated in our April donation drive to their chosen topic of “Voice Acting” and made this episode a reality. Big thanks to them and all donors since for supporting the show and helping us bring you amazing episodes like this one. We couldn’t do this without you.


  1. Mega Man 2 ROBOVoice :: Joe Redifer
  2. My Brother Makes the Noises for the Talkies :: The Bonzo Dog Band My Brother Makes the Noises for the Talkies - Gorilla
  3. Full Metal Alchemist Brothers Violin Instrumental :: ViolinTay
  4. Inner Voice :: Devo Spice featuring Worm Quartet Inner Voice - Die Laughing
  5. Tank! [Live] :: Seatbelts
  6. Chicks Dig Fighting Robots :: Ragtime Revolutionaries
  7. The Pussycat Song :: DJ Super-Secret
  8. Fine Place to Live :: halc

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  • M. Soldoln

    No kidding on world’s largest dungeon. My group has made it about halfway, and have accidentally collapsed a great part of it. Also treat the lantern archon caretakers like the monitors in halo. Glad that someone else is aware of this ridiculous fiasco of a dungeon crawl.

  • In 7th grade English our teacher had us do a radio show with sound effects and characters. I always kinda hated that teacher so we didn’t take it too seriously at first and named our characters dumb things like mine, Officer Hugh Jass. We got to record in small conference room by ourselves so we actually really got into it, or at least I did.

  • yay! my question got asked to vic mignogna! woot woot!

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