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Nerdy Show at Nerdapalooza 2011 in Pictures!

Posted by NerdyShow on July 29, 2011

You’ve heard about all out hijinks in our episode Nerdapalooza 2011: Aftermath, you’ve checked out which acts we gave awards to for outstanding awesomeness, now hang with Nerdy Show at Nerdapalooza in pictures! See our pics with Nerdy Show listeners, antics, a special D&D announcement, and be sure to check out Triforce Mike’s Drunken Video Blog. Got pictures of your own you want to share?  Comment with your photos or galleries!

The most notable feature of the booth was the animatronic creeper that Jon and Kristin built. You can check out a behind-the-scenes blog from Kristin about the construction of the exploding beastie. But here’s a couple more Pre-Nerdapalooza photos of the craftwoman at work on both the Creeper and her outstanding Roosevelt shirt display:

Jon next to our life-sized Creeper… Jon is 5’11

Real Men of Genius: Roosevelt, Tesla, Dr. Dinosaur

Behold as Tony runs in fear from THE CREEPER!

Want to see our creepy friend in action?  See him in I Fight Dragon’s Nerdapalooza Vidblog at the beginning and end:

And a demonstration in Triforce Mike’s Drunken Video Blog:

There was also a bunch of Nerdy Show appearances in Bluemotion Productions’ video of the show:

Hex was running around the festival announcing acts, contracting Nerdafluenza, and giving hugs, maybe even when he shouldn’t have…

Even creepers need friends?

We met a lot of cool people at Nerdapalooza including some dear internet friends and YOU awesome Nerdy Show listeners! Someone who didn’t end up in a picture but is a way cool new friend is Kaymonstar who does the Minecraft webcomic, Failcraft. We finally got to meet Stevo of Overclocked After Dark in person!

A Stevobomb is dropped on Kristin!

Nerdy Show fans left to right: Jon hangs with twothums, Honorary Nerdy Show producer Arkais holds art signed by Tony, Jamela, and Chair.

This was also only the second time ever that we’ve had the chance to hang with Nerdy Show special correspondent, Luke McDuffee.  He and Tony really hit it off and that weekend a bromance was born:


Nerdapalooza was also another amazing chance for us to hang out with Epic Win Burlesque and Dungeons & Doritos‘ Lefty Lucy who debuted her amazing NERDY SHOW CORSETTE!

Lefty Lucy in her Nerdy Show corsette with Schaffer the Darklord

HEX GOT A TATTOO!  So deep is commitment to Nerdapalooza that he’s permanently added Steppho of My Parent’s Favorite Music’s Nerdapalooza logo design to his body!


Also at the fest we ate the best Doritos ever:

Wasabi Doritos are the best!

And Koo Koo Kanga Roo was awesome!  They had this photo thing set up that uploaded directly to their facebook.  Here’s a pic with Cap and Josh of Nerdapalooza/Random Encounter:

Finally, the moment you all may have been waiting for… A picture of the Dungeons & Doritos comic announced at Nerdapalooza.  It’ll be a series of four 1-shots each featuring a different character and the first issue is dedicated to the origin of Vimak. On display were roughs of the first six pages.  Tune into the show and site for more info on this project in the near future:

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