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Nerdapalooza 2011 Spotlight: The Protomen

Posted by Noah Champoux on July 5, 2011

Nerdapalooza 2011 is right around the corner. From July 15th-17th, Orlando will be rocked by nerd might once again. This is THE nerd music event of the year. If you’re not here you’re… someplace else not having anywhere near as good of a time as you should be! Get your tickets now!

To raise awareness of all the outstanding acts coming to this year’s festival, new Nerdy Show staff writer, Noah Champoux, has started a spotlight series leading up to the main event. Get the down-low on these great performers, and get psyched for the awesomeness to come!

– Cap

The Protomen stand as a collective of rebels uniting the people against Dr. Wily’s evil regime. They tell the story of humanity’s downfall through a three-act rock opera set in a dystopian future that combines the world of Mega Man with Blade Runner and RoboCop. The band, originally from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, have developed a cult following due to their extreme musical prowess, inspiring performances, and a mythos that fans can be a part of. Their musical style cannot be labeled in one word, but, if it had to be described, it wouldn’t be any less than end-of-the-world beautiful.

Their performance at this year’s Nerdapalooza will be an experience that no one should miss. Over the weekend, both of their albums will be performed in their entirety. This has only happened a couple of times and may not happen again anytime soon, if ever. This alone is worth the weekend pass, never mind the forty other acts performing. Come make a stand for humanity. If you won’t stand for yourself, who will?

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