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Flame On :: Roasting Oral

Posted by TheQ on July 27, 2011


Hey my nerd, gay nerd, and bisexual Ewok listeners – it’s your favorite punctuation personality — The Question — but just call me Q!

I’m hijacking the episode summary this week to give you guys the lowdown on the epic event that went down during this podcast. What went down? ORAL!

First, we do a review of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and while Mulan didn’t make an appearance to file a copyright against the title, we give our honest opinion on Michael Bay’s latest robot romp!

After that, witness the most earth-shattering moment in the history of Flame On! You have to listen to experience it in its full glory, but let me tell you that it’s as soul-crushing and ego-deflating for Oral as it is glorious and magnificent for me!

Remember when Harry Potter beat Voldemort in a duel? Remember when Vader chucked the Emperor down the pit? Remember when Neo made Agent Smith explode? Well this tops all of those moments! Soon everyone will be saying, “Where were you when Q destroyed Oral and left him groveling for a pittance of mercy?”

But in addition to that wondrous event, we also talk about the new season of True Blood and hear a dramatic, erotic reading by Jarrod in the voice of Garrison Keillor??

We debut our new “Relationship and Dating Advice” segment where we answer fan questions: this week we talk about role-playing as super heroes, deciding what to do with two bottoms, and how to handle video games in a relationship. Please submit your questions in the comments section or on the forums!

Another new segment is the “Quest-ion” where I talk about my awesome quest to Miami Super Con and the insane Day Glow paint party!

There’s big talk about gay issues: It’s okay to be Takei, gay body image, and the wonderful news of gay marriage being legalized in New York!

Don’t miss our comics discussion: Fear Itself, X-Men: Schism, Flashpoint, and Avengers: The Children’s Crusade!

And be sure to rewind to the 15:30 mark to relive the massacre of Oral’s self-esteem at my hand! I’ll be providing free ringtones, t-shirts, arm bands, tote bags, cock rings, hats, and shoelaces commemorating the quote that will go down in history as the best moment, like, ever! I’ll also give a shout out on air to anyone who makes a meme for it!

Take care my Questionites!

  • Mua hahahahaha!

  • O

    Flame On is great, no offense to those guys, but is this a Nerdy Show webpage/podcast or a dual site for Flame On and Nerdy Show? It seems that there is more Flame On content then Nerdy Show content…or at least have a separate page/tab specifically for Nerdy Showcase, or not something on the welcome page? It just seems with the frequency of the Flame On podcasts and strips that its both shows being crammed into one site opposed to one show and a showcase. Again, no offense to Flame On, its good, but I come to this site for Nerdy Show primarily, and Flame On secondarily.

  • Cap

    Flame On is a monthly show, so there’s always going to be less of it than Nerdy Show. This month has been nuts for us Nerdy Showers, what with Nerdapalooza and all, so we’re a bit behind, hence seeing so much of Flame On. We do have a Nerdy Showcase tab. It’s under “Features” and Flame On as well as other podcasts we’re buds with can be found under the “More Shows” tab under “Shows”.

    With all the content we’re adding, we’re definitely gearing up to need another site redesign. Then you’ll see Things sorted a but better. Flame On and all future additions under the Nerdy Show umbrella will always appear in the primary feed and get just as much face time on the site as our regular shows, though with a site redesign, how that’s displayed will change.

    We’ve got a ton of NS stuff in the works and it’s all practically ready to go! look for a new episode tomorrow!

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