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Nerdapalooza 2011 Spotlight: Metroid Metal

Posted by Noah Champoux on June 27, 2011

Nerdapalooza 2011 is right around the corner.   Just three weeks away! From July 15th-17th, Orlando will be rocked by nerd might once again.  This is THE nerd music event of the year.  If you’re not here you’re… someplace else not having anywhere near as good of a time as you should be! Get your tickets now!

To raise awareness of all the outstanding acts coming to this year’s festival, new Nerdy Show staff writer, Noah Champoux, has started a spotlight series leading up to the main event.  Get the down-low on these great performers, and get psyched for the awesomeness to come!

– Cap


From a solo act to a five-person band, Metroid Metal has evolved over the last eight years from its inception in 2003 with Grant Henry, known by the stage name Stemage, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from North Carolina. In 2005, he recruited Dan Taylor, who he claims to be “the best bass player ever,” to expand his horizons. The duo jammed on for a few years before Stemage got the idea at MAGfest 6 that his creations could be realized live with the help of a few more talented sets of hands. With the additions of Kevin Lawrence from a previous band, Blue Dot, with Grant Henry and Dan Taylor, Dan Behrens of Arm Cannon, and Michael Molnar of tempsoundsolutions, Metroid Metal Live exploded onto the stage.

Over the years, Metroid Metal’s sound has been refined, but the quality has always remained extraordinary. They will grace the stage at this year’s Nerdapalooza, and this first appearance will take you on the journey to destroy Mother Brain once and for all. Equip your Varia Suit, practice your Space Jump, and prepare to have your perceptions of Metroid music altered and rebuilt one upgrade at a time. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait for your commander to give you the go ahead to rock out.


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