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Flame On :: You Dry?

Posted by TheQ on June 1, 2011

Flame On! is the hot new all-gay, all-geek podcast! Featuring Oral, Just Jean, Bryan, Jarrod, and The Question – the boys have quite the mouthful for their first show. Find out what noise Jean makes when he sees Thor’s abs; hear the moans as we decry NBC passing on Wonder Woman; and find out how the Doctor Who and Game of Thrones TV shows get us going. We wouldn’t be gay if we didn’t tackle Lady Gaga’s recent concert tour and her new singles. Nor would we be proud to be queer if we didn’t play with ourselves a little: get the scoop on Portal 2 and other gaming news.

We also have a huge load of comics discussion: Fear Itself, Flashpoint, and the Marvel Ultimate Comics re-launch. We share how some of us met Nick Spencer (he’s the Rihanna of comic book writers and creator of the hit comic Morning Glories!), and hear about all the naughty Green Lanterns caught in the act during War of the Green Lanterns!

Also, find out which Game of Thrones actor stars in the new Conan movie and plays for the other team… our team! All of this and more in this sizzling, smoking, scandalous podcast – guaranteed to turn your FLAME ON!

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