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Flame On :: Get WET!

Posted by TheQ on June 20, 2011

The Flamers

The Boys of Flame On at the Gay Days Expo (where is The Question?)

Flame On! is the hot new all gay, all geek podcast! Featuring Oral, Eric, Bryan, Jarrod, and The Question – these boys have tasted the salty sweet drip of comic book mania and they want to tell you what it’s like!

Hear our review of X-Men: First Class starring the hunky Michael Fassbender as Magneto! The boys liked it, but Oral has a big bone to pick!

And you’ve got to hear their reaction to the DC Relaunch! Will things ever be the same? Will Eric look good in the new Wonder Woman outfit? Will Oral cry or rejoice after reading the first issue starring the African Bat Wing? Will Superboy and Tim Drake be ret-conned into gay lovers? Also hear what just the tip of FlashPoint feels like; how Fear Itself has them scared of Marvel events; and listen to The Question freak out over the latest Morning Glories plot twist to gang bang his brain!

Everyone also attended Orlando’s annual Gay Days weekend! Listen to them get educated on lube as they interview “The Wet Guy” after The Question had a few too many drinks – OH YEAH! We also have the scoop on this year’s gay comic convention, MariCon!

Then, open wide for a big serving of Doctor Who talk (keep your ears perked for a sound of Oral’s latest pleasure device – a sonic screwdriver!) and don’t forget about the hottest new show on television, Game of Thrones!

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights put Eric to sleep like a big dose of GHB (not in the fun way), but the rest of the guys share what they liked about this collection of different back stories about the Green Lantern Corps!

We love the guys at The Nerdy Show in the most inappropriately hardcore way possible, and we were blown away by all of their awesome E3 coverage, but we just had to squeeze in our own commentary on the WiiU and the PS Vita, as well as what we think of the PS3 Welcome Back Rewards! Remember boys, if he treats you bad then leave his ass behind, but if he gives you free video games then let bygones be bygones!

All of this and more in the bawdiest, burliest podcast on the web – guaranteed to turn your FLAME ON!

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