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Dungeons & Doritos :: Night of the Golems

Posted by NerdyShow on June 30, 2011

No sooner were our travelers settling into being imprisoned in the Isle of Mages’ luxurious confines, than calamity struck!  The gem in which Jen’Ifer’s soul is sealed, has been absconded by a dark creature.  Our heroes are in hot pursuit – but they’ve been warned that the tower to which they’re headed is guarded by unkillable statues that move… The GOLEMS!

Is there truly any foe that Chair can’t annihilate? What sinister creature would dare to pull such a heist in a city of mages? To what lengths will the lovelorn Jamela go to reclaim her bejeweled Tiefling?  This episode is all action!  Embark on adventure!

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Special thanks to Jonna for providing additional voice work!

How did it all start? Open Dungeons & Doritos – BOOK I to revel in our early quests and venture to the main Dungeons & Doritos page to procure our most recent adventures.


  1. A Quest for Dip (Theme to Dungeons & Doritos) :: Level 99
  2. Damage :: 3D6 Damage - Damage
  3. Roll a D6 :: Associated Intricacies Roll a D6 - Single - Assorted Intricacies
  4. Ancient Sorrows :: Jeremy Soule
  5. The Wedding of the Lamb :: Aphrodite’s Child
  6. Sweden :: C418 Sweden - Minecraft - Volume Alpha

Tracks in bold are played in full. This month’s episode features two outstanding tabletop-themed tracks by 3D6 and Associated Intricacies. Be sure to check out 3D6s other awesome tracks and Associated Intricacies’ killer video for “Roll a D6“.

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Dungeons & Doritos Character Sheets & Bios:

Chair :: Jamela :: Jen’Ifer :: Vimak

Barty :: Lefty

Character generator still in development.



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