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Season 4 Episode 10 :: Portals

Posted by NerdyShow on May 15, 2011


Portal 2 is one of the biggest game releases we’re going to see this year.  If you live in a major metropolitan area you’ve no doubt seen the billboards all over.  Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.  The Portal series is a genre-bending mind-twisting phenomena, and we freaking love it. Join video game hosts Brandon and Jonna along with Cap, Hex, Jon and special guests Jonna’s Portal 2 partner Erik, and newly christened Nerdy Show correspondent, Luke McDuffee for a Portalrific episode discussing the new game.

But that’s not all, we get into some heated discussion over the latest things shakin’ over in video game land such as the Sony-crippling PSN hack.  We also debut a brand new reoccurring Nerdy Show segment: Luke’s Late to Everything. With Luke’s Late to Everything, our very own Luke McDuffee shares with us his experiences getting into something a bit… old hat – something everyone has read, played or done – any medium, and for whatever reason Luke has missed out on it… until now.  In our inaugural episode Luke takes on a doozy: Chrono Trigger.

MARVEL Vs. CAPCOM 3-on-3 Mixtape Melee

Click HERE for the RULES and get crackin’ skulls and droppin’ beats.


  1. Still Alive :: Jonathan Coulton & Felicia Day
  2. Developers :: Smixx
  3. Exile Vilify :: The National Exile Vilify (From the Game
  4. Want You Gone :: Jonathan Coulton & GLaDOS
  5. Chrono Trigger :: 8 Bit Instrumental
  6. ChronoStep Suite No. 3 – WubWater Palace :: DJ RoboRob
  7. (Zelda Underworld) Nullification :: PrototypeRaptor
  8. To Far Away Inspirations :: Squint


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  • The Askanison

    While, I don’t want to sound like “that d-bag on the internet”, I feel the need to say a few things about the psn hack. Yes, Anonymous attacked the psn last month for suing GeoHot, but they had no access to the any users personal info. Anonymous has also denied involvement in the most recent hack which prompted sony to shut their online services down for a few weeks while they improved security. As far as modding ps3s goes, you’re car/piston analogy doesn’t work since replacing engine parts doesn’t give you possible access to a few million credit card accounts as a hacked ps3 might. Now, since I’m taking the time for my first comment I might as well tell you guys that you do a great job. Keep it up.

  • Cap

    @The Askanison

    That’s an interesting point. The direct correlation between hacking a PS3 and having the best access route to the PSN data didn’t occur to me (or us). This isn’t something I know much at all about, but couldn’t the same be said about any computer hooking up to the internet? There’s a risk factor with any electronic data no matter what. I’d say it’s Sony’s responsibility to ensure the security of that data whether someone alters their hardware or not.

    btw Love your name. HUGE Cable fan. When his books were good- hot damn, they were so, so good.

  • Been

    For the slowpokes among us, I’ve yet to finish Portal 2 (only up to chapter 6), but I crave more Nerdy show. How far should I skip forward to get past the Portal 2 spoilers and still get my maximum possible dose of Nerdy show?

  • Cap


    The Portal segment ends at around 48 minutes, from there on it’s all Chrono Trigger and other cool stuff. Whoosh!

  • Jimir

    I gotta say, I love the “Luke’s Late to Everything” segment. I can relate to the man. When I was a kid, my parents didn’t understand a geeks love for video games, and as I got older, I no longer had the time., as I was working or studying for school. In fact, I might be later to things than Luke. I have not played ANY SNES game longer than half an hour, and I didn’t really get to watch movies until university (still have a redonkulously long list as I just finished university last year). I was wondering if you would start saying what the next Luke segment would be about, so I too can play/watch along.

    Oh, and something related:

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