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Season 4 Episode 11 :: Mother Huggers be Bull-Knittin’

Posted by NerdyShow on May 20, 2011

If here’s two things you can guarantee about Nerdy Show (aside from dick jokes) it’s that sooner or later we’ll bring Marc With a C on the show and sooner or later we’ll cross the streams with OverClocked After Dark. You must be a very lucky boy and/or girl, ’cause this episode’s got BOTH.

For the first time since last ReMixMas, Nerdy Show and OCAD are together again, but this time Nerdy Show is packin’ some serious heat: Orlando’s own Marc With a C – nerdy singer-songwriter extraordinaire.  With Marc and the musical tour de force of  Stevo, aka Level 99 on the show- this must be a music episode. Well, sorta kinda.

We jam with Marc about his most ambitious project yet: his forthcoming concept album, Motherfuckers be Bullshittin’.  It’s a complex beast- right down to the album art!  Learn its secrets here and then listen to the whole thing in a special live event this Sunday (May 22nd) on 8-Bit FM.  Of course, we’ve got OCAD on, and what would a Nerdy Show After Dark be with out some fanfic reading?  We’ve got something for everybody two very NSFW Marvel stories and two um.. interesting takes on other franchises.  What they lack in eroticism they make up for in- buh whaaa?!

Don’t delay, press play.

Our MARVEL Vs. CAPCOM 3-on-3 Mixtape Melee

Click HERE for the RULES and get crackin’ skulls and droppin’ beats.


  1. Bitmap_Blues. :: PROTODOME
  2. Joss Whedon :: Chris Zabriskie Joss Whedon - O Great Queen Electric, What Do You Have Waiting for Me?
  3. Motherfuckers be Bullshittin’ :: Marc With a C
  4. Goodnight, Miss Oliver :: Marc With a C
  5. NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming – Project Preview :: Numerous Artists
  6. Gliding On a Silver Lining :: Level 99
  7. You And Me :: Tally Hall You & Me - Single - Tally Hall
  8. Form This Way :: InTheLittleWood Form This Way (Born This Way Minecraft Parody) (feat. The Yogscast) - Form This Way (Born This Way Minecraft Parody) (feat. The Yogscast) - Single


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