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Nerds in Action: OmniG-Sage0 & Max Acree

Posted by NerdyShow on May 3, 2011

Nerds In Action are on the march!  Welcome, Max Acree and OmniG-Sage0 into these hallowed ranks! What’s a Nerd In Action you ask? Why, it’s the illustrious rank achieved when you nerd out while repping Nerdy Show and take a picture of it!

First up is Jeremy W.-T. aka OmniG-Sage0, Minecrafter, Forum fighter, and now… Ultimate Lantern?!

Jeremy’s sporting a full set of 9 rings.  Alas, he is too young to posses the old man strength required to wield the Amber Ring.  Some day, lad!  A friend of his composed an oath befitting of one who so aptly ring-slings nerd might such as this:

In brightest suits, In spandex tights,
No convention shall escape my sight.
Let those who sell comic books tonight,
Beware my power, NERD POWERS UNITE!

Next up is the shreddin’ and drawin’ Max Acree:

You may recognize Max’s name from Nerdy Show’s facebook page, his winning entry in the US-1 Fan Love Contest, or perhaps his awesome D&D fan art DELUGE from last week (see below).  Max is also the artist behind the webcomic, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea vs Mecha Cthulhu. He joins us today by really putting the ACTION into “Nerd in Action”:

Me and a buddy went to the local extreme sports park so we could feel extra old at age 31 getting schooled by all the young kids doing cooler tricks than we’ll ever do.  I was trying to hang out with this 10 year old that was about on my same skill level for solidarity’s sake, but I didn’t want his parents to get all creeped out.  nerding out hardcore with ye olde nerdy shirt, the self-decorated sidescroller board featuring Eggplant Wizard and a tiled Konami code, NES controller belt buckle, and backwards Zelda hat.  I managed to go the whole day without getting hurt until I bumped my knee climbing out of that pool you see there, and spent the rest of the day limping.

Ownage! And now, BEHOLD Dungeons & Doritos fan art by Max Acree:

Want to be the next Nerd In Action? Cool! We wanna see you trying to beat that Mario Kart 64 time trial so you can win the golden controller from Nintendo Power. We wanna see you punching trees – Minecraft style! We wanna see you covered in Dorito dust tossing natural 20s, posing with cospalyers and celebs at a con, looking your nerdiest in our shway duds. Just send your actions shots to and see your action on our site!

Need clothing for that picture? Here’s a special deal from now ’til whenever we decide otherwise:

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