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Sightseeing on the Server of Awesome: Mt. Creeper, Castel Ravenloft, New IP & MORE!

Posted by Kristin on April 16, 2011

Some time has passed since our absolutely epic Minecraft Video Game Build-A-Thon, I have been lurking, but now I have returned! Many fine structures have been built, and some big things have changed. A new update is here, as is a new internet connection and the Server’s upload speed is jacked up for faster Minecraftery than ever before! SoA Miners unite!  We are ready to take on this vast digital frontier and reshape it in our image!

The Legend that is Mount Creeper!

Listen closely as night fall on the Server of Awesome and you might hear ghostly whispers on the air. Whispers of a mighty and frightening king, The King of the Creepers! Do you dare to enter the king’s domain? If ye crave danger and adventure the ancient architect Kaosubaloo has prepared a journey for you!

“There is a tale of a mountain, far away, that sits in the center of a King’s domain. But not just any King, THE KING. The King of the Creepers whose presence rules over all. It is said that this mountain can be found by following a road made from stars plucked down and forged into stone.

It is said that this ‘Star Road’ can be found by the observant where ice meets water and the traveler walks above the road. That this road leads deep into Creeper Land and that the brave will find a jail that is not a jail; complex of steel and fire.”-Kaosubaloo

You start off by following a mystical “Star Road” into the great beyond. This road will lead you into the the depths of the Server of Awesome, and right into the center of the King’s domain.

After you travel down this glowing path, you feel a malevolent force tugging upon you. This is the almighty power of the king. When you get that tingly sensation deep in your gut you know you have entered his realm.

Gaze into the King's burning stare

Gaze into the King's burning stare

The view looking down from atop a high mountain shows you a burning face of your doom!

Foreboding and creepy darkness. Who knows what mysteries you will uncover in this sinister lair...

Here are some images from within Mount Creeper. There are many twists and turns, many hidden secrets and surprises. and mysteries abound! No joke, this structure is surreal, labyrinthine and you might go mad losing yourself in Kausubaloo’s endless chaotic tunnels.

Learn how to start your quest by visiting the forum thread… HERE.

And now dear friends, the tale of Castle Ravenloft:

Recently, a grand and majestic castle has emerged on the Server of Awesome! Inspired by D&D maps of old, Studiomilam and Barswanian have constructed a fortress that minstrels will sing of for ages to come.

It began with the D&D Tomb of Horrors layout and grew into a massive compound both above and below ground. See Studiomilam’s plans and construction logs on the forums.

Aerial shot of the first floor of the castle walls


Inside the castle walls is a holy chapel for worship of the power of the Triforce, complete with a suitable ornament made of the finest diamonds the server could render. But does this temple give praise to the three godesses, or the trickster demigo, Triforce Mike?

Not yet finished but still very awe inspiring, extremely beautiful to behold.

More work had yet to be done on this structure. Many blocks and much time was spent but then there was a sign. The forums, there was news! The castle was built, and the chapel was finished…. HUZZAH! Feast your eyes on this beast:

Finished Castle


At last after many weeks of planning and building it was done. The structure was massive, the walls were fortified and it was ready… for DECORATING! Yes there is another chapter of this grand Castle Ravenloft. A tale of paintings, and books and maybe hidden surprises. The creators have welcomed visitors to their grand estate and have also welcomed them to decorate it as well. How generous!

A special visit from The Brotherhood of Tofu!

YUGO of Wakfu! Courtesy of our dear Mopkins!


There is much more awesome brewing on the Server and within the Minecraft pages of the Nerdy Show forums.  For instance… Studiomilam’s next megastructure, Kustu Shita’s various projects, Rotharian’s Minecraft parody song, The Pokemon Gyms of Awesome – where Pokemon and Minecraft meet, and discussion of the forthcoming Piston Mod … to name but a few!  Monsters might still be off (for now) but there are wolves to be found!

Oh, and ALSO… There is talk of an epic new  contest, that will lead you all on a sacred quest! But this isn’t a Build-A-Thon, this is a grand scavenger hunt – with dungeons.  It’s a Nerdy Show-endorsed community-built challenge sending you on a quest for the Legendary Seven Dragonballs.  What will the prizes be?  We don’t know that yet – the contest isn’t ready.  Find out how you can make it a reality HERE.

So about that new IP.

So many of you crafters have frequented our glittery server and you might have noticed a change. We’ve switched internet services and upgraded the server’s upload speed. As a result we’ve had to leave behind our old, beloved IP address.  In the weeks since switching over, several non-SoA technical difficulties have led to us switching the IP an number of times, but those times are over.  THIS IS IT, the new IP:

Bask in it’s numerical grandeur!


Once again, the server has grown too large for conventional mapping technology.  Out of necessity, we’ve switched over to Minecraft Topographical Survey.

Get the April 14th map HERE


Or, check out our Google Maps-style map of the server using Tectonicus here:

The SoA in Tectonicus!

We love to have this server available for your pleasurable enjoyment. But alas it is not free, or cheap! If you feel the burning desire to help us help you, feel free to donate! If you want your donation to go straight into improving the Server of Awesome just let us know! (Be sure to leave a note with your donation) You can score some swag and help support the show by picking up the Nerdy Show logo shirt, our Dungeons and Doritos shirt, or our special offer of the two shirts for one great price!!! With these shirt-powers combined you can, well… be awesome!

As always I love to know what you guys are up too! And I can’t explore this vast territory on my own! Send pictures, stories, current and future projects to me at!

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