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Season 4 Episode 7 :: Pokesode Plaid

Posted by NerdyShow on April 14, 2011

Pokesode TweedAt long last… You knew this day was coming.  A new Pokémon game without a corresponding Nerdy Show is an unnatural thing.  It’s like a sunrise without a Moltres or a derp without a Bidoof.  Besides, everyone knows that Triforce Mike is a first class Poképhile.  He has to go door-to-door and everything!  This is like AA for him. He needs this.

So embark with us on an adventure into the ball tossin’, animal fightin’ world of Pokémon!  It’s a full house in the Nerdy Show studio- Join Cap, Hex, Mike, Tony, Brandon, and Jonna for a serious Pokésode. We discuss the series as a whole, review the new game(s) Pokémon Black & White, and try to shed some light on Triforce Mike’s addition. He owns both versions of the game and is usually operating two DSes at the same time, he needs help!

It’s not all game reviews and Pokémon stats – oh no! We do actually go on an adventure into the world of Pokémon.  That ain’t no lie.  The six of us take part in a rousing Pokémon Tabletop RPG!  Hex is our game master and the rest of us are a rag-tag group of Pokémon trainers in-training.  According to tishare if you love Dungeons & Doritos, Pokémon, both, or possibly neither  – you might be totally into this! Let us know if you want more. UPDATE: You DID Want more! This is episode zero of Pokéballs of Steelix!

Pokesode TweedAnd if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a treat for the real Poké-maniacs in the audience.  Triforce Mike has an important message about just how much insane work goes into Pokémon breeding, his quest for a perfect Teddiursa, and why he feels IV training shouldn’t be viewed as cheating.  It’s a rant so expansive it had to be given it’s own cartridge.  Ladies and gentlemen, Pokésode Tweed:

Download the Pokésode supplement, Pokésode Tweed HERE

Pokésode Paid Tracks:

  1. Game On :: Fishy
  2. Sleight of Hand :: Rasgar
  3. Charizard ::A-1
  4. My Friend Mudkip :: halc
  5. Casino Lounge :: Mattias Häggström Gerdt, GSlicer
  6. West Coast Radio :: ProtoDome
  7. Super Effective :: Fishy, Andy Jayne
  8. Bullet for My Pilloswine:: WillRock, ProtoDome, halc
  9. Clash of the Titans :: pu_freak

Pokésode Tweed Tracks:

  1. On the Origin of the Species :: ProtoDome
  2. Pocket Ni Fantasy :: Sachi & Juri


Pokémon Tabletop Links:

Darin Kobe :: Jamesy Roquette :: Jumanji McGee

Martin Iuntiaughu :: Tark

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