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Season 4 Episode 5 :: CrossRe-Gen

Posted by NerdyShow on April 7, 2011


It’s time for a reboot!  Welcome to a new Nerdy Show format! No new issue #1 for us guys, no, we’re gonna keep on truckin’.  After trying several different styles of episodes since we started Season 4 we’ve finally settled on a winner: weekly episodes covering one or two essential topics.  There’s more to it than that, and you can hear us ramble on about what’s in store in this episode.  Put simply: you can look for a new Nerdy Show every Thursday and some weeks Monday as well.  We’re back… in force!

This episode focuses on comics and is themed well with our in-house reformatting.  We’re talking about CrossGen, a comic publisher with some remarkable titles and remarkable talent that went up in flame after a brief existence- now returning like a phoenix from the ashes.  Yes, Marvel has resurrected the Sigilverse, including Ruse with its original author, Mark Waid! We discuss CrossGen and its catalog of way cool titles, as well as interview the notoriously outspoken Mr. Waid about the original CrossGen, the reboot, and his industry-challenging outlook on the digital frontier. We also discuss our recent weekend of mayhem at MegaCon, The Ninja Turtles’ return to comics, and how YOU can choose the topic of an upcoming Nerdy Show.


  1. Song of Storms :: The Amazing BrandO
  2. Polkas on 45 :: “Weird Al” Yankovic Polkas On 45 - In 3-D
  3. Maverick Siege :: DJ RoboRob
  4. Computer Whiz :: Disasteradio Computer Whiz - Charisma
  5. 8-bit Frozen Tongue :: Kevin Doyle 8-bit Frozen Tongue [Bonus Track] - MAKE-OUT with VIOLENCE (OST) Disc 2
  6. Download This Song :: MC Lars Download This Song (feat. Jaret Reddick of Bowling for Soup) - The Graduate
  7. Helix Nebula :: Anamanaguchi Helix Nebula - Power Supply
  8. I Believe in Harvey Dent (Ampersands Remix) :: Adam WarRock


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  • Thanks boys, especially you Mike, but especially especially you Cap.

  • OmniG-Sage

    IDW FTW!!!

  • Tolan

    Sooo… Basicly you’re cutting out the full length episodes and replacing them with long minisodes?

    • Cap

      Well, the joke about the minisodes is that most of them weren’t very mini at all. And this episode is actually over 2 hours which was our standard length for ages. So the episodes aren’t necessarily shorter, but the gigantic episode types we started the season with made it so we were physically capable of doing less. With weekly episodes split up into topical discussions we’ll proably end up with more content a month than ever. Oh, and Nerdy Show Prime episodes still exist for our blockbuster episodes that cannot be contained.

  • Tolan

    Okay, cool. That I can live with.

    For the record, sci-tech has always been my favorite part of nerdy show. It’s the part that I can actually talk about with my normal friends.

  • Cap


    Cool. I dig the sci-tech too. New sci-tech should appear next week.

  • M

    I can’t help but think that it might be better to edit these into chunks. It doesn’t matter if you record in one two-hour session, but give me two or three smaller audio files. I can’t listen for two hours! STILL TOO LONG!

  • Cap


    Basically episode sizing is on a case-by-case basis. If, for instance, we cut up this CrossGen episode having two parts would have broken the flow and overcomplicated things. It feels good as a unit. This episode was 2:20, episode 6 is 1:50. We take it as it comes. For instance, we never could’ve seen Waid’s interview going in the awesome direction that it did.

    Two hours is average for many talk radio shows and podcasts, and in fact it was the time we began with as a radio show and a podcast. Now that we’re keeping the episodes more singular in content, and playing out the topics organically, it looks like we’re gravitating back to an average of two hours for no reason but I dunno… fate? There’s usually a song break at the hour mark. Why not just stop there and pick it up again?

  • Jeff Johnson

    Hey guys,

    Great show! This was the first episode I ever listened to and now I can’t wait to check out all the back log. I honestly tuned in mainly because I wanted to hear Mark Waid rage about Crossgen craziness, which I always love. But I was really glad that he instead talked much more about the future of comics. Also, the music you guys showcase rocked. Keep up the awesome work!

  • Cap

    @Jeff Johnson

    Thanks so much Jeff- glad to have you with us! Keep checkin’ in we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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