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Season 4 Episode 8 :: Dropping Some Science

Posted by NerdyShow on April 28, 2011

Welcome, nerd of exquisite taste, to a combo episode of Nerd Music and Sci-Tech! Two powers combine to digivolve into a digital monster of incredible podcast might.

This episode we are seriously dropping some science!  We debut a remix contest that’ll break your brain: our Marvel Vs. Capcom 3-on-3 Mixtape Melee, interview the incredible 8-Bit Duane, and get our ubergeek on with the latest coolness in science and technology.

Do you think you can handle massive Nerdapalooza news? Ridiculous high school fads such as shoe trading? Computers that operate on living blood? The return of the Commodore 64? Secrets of Tron: Legacy costume design? Or people who are actually into slow internet? Do ya?!? Sure ya do.  Nicola Tesla, bring dat beat back:

MARVEL Vs. CAPCOM 3-on-3 Mixtape Melee

Click HERE for the RULES and get crackin’ skulls and droppin’ beats.


  1. Madrox :: Adam WarRock
  2. Cry of the Planet (Japan Remix) :: MegaRan
  3. A Boy and His Blob :: Action Adventure World
  4. Metal Gear :: Action Adventure World
  5. What Pi Sounds Like :: Michael John Blake
  6. Love Me Longtime :: OK Go
  7. Hogtied :: Brandon Strader, Rexy
  8. Minecraft :: Rotharian


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UPDATE: So… it turns out we were collectively punked. The NPR piece on Slow Netters was an April Fools gag. From Jessica, one of our friends and contributors:

So I just caught up on the Nerdy Show episode where you mentioned ‘Slow Netters’.

I actually regret to inform you that this was an April Fool’s joke by NPR. The did the same thing with pet insurance last year. I fell for it too, and then I heard on April 2nd that it was actually a joke and felt like a twit.

Well dang. Hey, at least we got an OK Go song out of it!

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