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Nerdy Show Prime :: Jurassic Dorks NEDRY SHOW

Posted by NerdyShow on April 1, 2011

Edit 4/2: This is a sham!  We were hacked by Dennis Nedry and suspect that he was aided by The Lawnmower Man.  This was never a real episode, (though it is a pretty good idea) and we sincerely apologize for the torment that it may have caused.  Nerdy was apprehended, but the digital fiend, Lawnmower Man is still at large!

If for some reason you want to listen to this abortion, click HERE. The original text follows…

Everyone knows dinosaurs are cool as hell. Even God knows dinosaurs are cool as hell. That’s why he wadded up the devil into a meteor and sent them all to hell, they were too cool. But chances are, you weren’t really too sure about how cool dinosaurs are until you saw Steven Spielberg’s palenthropic opus, Jurassic Park. (Sure, Michael Crichton wrote the book, but c’mon… that book didn’t have ground breaking CGI.)

It’s Jurassic Parks‘ 18th birthday! Yes, Jurassic Park can now buy cigarettes. And to to celebrate this momentous occasion we’re digging deep into dinosaur lore. What, you didn’t know that Triforce Mike has an encyclopedic knowledge or dinosaurs? It’s true! Not only are we going on about JP’s awesomeness – and only the awesomeness, but we’re talking about the raddest thunder lizards to ever rock the planet, AND all the other cool dinosaurs in pop culture. You got your Dinosaucers, your Dino-Riders, your Carnosaur, your We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story, your Theodore Rex… the list goes on. So shove your ass in a dino-striped jeep and open the gates to adventure!


  1. Opening Titles :: John Williams
  2. Jurassic Park :: “Weird Al” Yankovic Jurassic Park - Alapalooza
  3. We’ve Got Dodgson Here :: Funtastic Power
  4. Walk the Dinosaur :: Was (Not Was) Walk the Dinosaur - What Up, Dog?
  5. Short Skirt, Lost Underworld :: Bill Eager
  6. I’m the Baby :: Baby Sinclair
  7. Roll Back the Rock (to the Dawn of Time) :: John Goodman
  8. I’m A Little Dinosaur :: Jonathan Richman
  9. Prehistoric Turtlesaurus :: Kazuhiko Uehara
  10. Caveman :: Mike Oldfield Caveman - Tubular Bells
  11. Big Nose the Caveman Stage 4 :: Allister Brimble
  12. Theme From Jurassic Park :: John Williams Theme (From



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