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CHECK OUT: Cap on the Fangamer Podcast!

Posted by NerdyShow on April 4, 2011

Yes, we’re nerds without boarders.  Cap has been beamed up by starship Fangamer, on a voyage of exquisite apparel and video gamey goodness.  You know Fangamer, right?  We talk about ’em all the time.  They’re the clothing company and community that spun out of who create high quality fan-made incredi-clothes and accessories to enhance your nerd lifestyle.  These cool cats, whom we’ve recognized for a great many achievements throughout the years, including both Top 20 Nerdy Things lists, have a weekly podcast of their own and it’s PK Rockin’. You should check it out. Now that our forces have combined, there’s never been a better time!

The topic of this week’s episode is “Games That Changed The Game”.  We scour gaming history and discuss the titles and hardware that we think irrevocably changed video games as we know it – for better, or for worse.  Also, Cap gets interviewed!  That‘s certainly a change of pace!  Learn about how Nerdy Show came into existence, what Cap does and doesn’t know about the future, Nerdapalooza, and perhaps the greatest secret of all… where Cap’s name comes from.  Whoosh! Click below to ACTIVATE ORDER 66 get this swanky podcast!

Fangamer Podcast #66 :

Games That Changed The Game

You can subscribe to this fine program on iTunes and directly to their RSS Feed. Show them some love with a review on iTunes, and hey, why not leave us one too.  Sexy podcast playtime.

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