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  1. CONTEST: Marvel Vs. Capcom Mixtape REMIX Contest


    Spiraling out of the smash-success cross-genre fighting game Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: The Fate of Two Worlds, Nerdy Show has launched an epic remix contest featuring some of the hottest names in nerd rap.  Specializing in video games: MegaRan (aka Random), 8-Bit Duane, and My Parent’s Favorite Music. And specializing in comic book inspired raps: Adam WarRock, The Wordburglar, and Tribe-One. Remixers are challenged to create battle-ready beats sampling from either Marvel or Capcom music.  Sources can come from TV themes, movie scores and soundtracks, video games – any audio source pertaining to either franchise. The prize?  Beginning with MegaRan and Adam WarRock the rappers will select their favorite beats and create an original rap over YOUR track!  When the dust clears, one legendary 6-track mixtape will be left standing!

    Nerdy Show has hosted remix and original music contests in the past, such as their Astronautalis-headlined Tetris Rap Attack and their DC Comics-inspired Blackest Night Song Fight.

    The Marvel Vs. Capcom 3-on-3 Mixtape Melee contest ends July 31st at 11:59pm est. Entries should be submitted to:


    Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is one of the most anticipated releases to hit this year. You’ve torn up the tourneys, you’ve snatched up the DLC, what next? While the greatest heroes and villains have decided the “fate of two worlds” there’s another battle brewing on ours. Nerd rap’s finest video game and comic-loving rhyme-spitters are on the warpath and their clash will be the stuff of legend. In the video game corner: MegaRan, 8-Bit Duane, and My Parent’s Favorite Music. In the comic book corner: Adam WarRock, The Wordburglar, and Tribe-One. They’re sharpening their tongues for a vicious brawl. But if they’re really gonna bring it, they’re gonna need the illest war drums imaginable. Do YOU have what it takes to craft the most brutal, battle-ready comic book and video game beats?

    THE CHALLENGE Nerdom needs YOU to become the ultimate beatsmith. Craft a beat sampling from the virtually endless library of potential Marvel and Capcom-based music. There’s original Capcom game scores but there’s also the scores video games based on Marvel Comics, and the scores to movies and tv series, or other media based on either Marvel or Capcom. Your beats could be funny, they could be brutal – any style is appropriate! Above all, these beats must be awesome and only sample from either Marvel Comics or Capcom-based material. Check out the Nerdy Show episode Dropping Some Science to hear us debut the contest and talk about the plethora of sources available to sample from. And check out Crossover Crisis where we discuss Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in-depth. The doors are wide open – get creative!

    DUE DATE EXTENDED: July 31st 11:59 pm est

    THE PRIZES Your beats will be rapped over by the finest nerd rappers ever to rock the Internet and the final track will be featured on Nerdy Show’s Marvel Vs. Capcom 3-on-3 Mixtape Melee


    Adam WarRock
    The Wordburglar


    8-Bit Duane
    My Parents Favorite Music

    Upon announcing the winners, all submissions will be hosted on for listening and downloading.

    THE RULES All entries must sample from music pertaining to either Marvel comics or Capcom games – samples can come from video games, tv, movies, anything! (Tracks from the Marvel Vs. Capcom games can apply to both, but level music should be paired to the appropriate character.) These must be beats that you, yourself have crafted. Tracks should be no longer than 4 minutes and of a quality of at least 128kbps.

    HOW TO SUBMIT Submit your contest entry to (must be received by 11:59pm July 31st, 2011)

    Be sure to put “Marvel vs. capcom mixtape” in the subject heading. Be sure that the e-mail address you send from is your primary address as it’s where we’ll contact you. In your e-mail please include:

    • Your name/ handle, mailing address, and age
    • A list of what you sampled from to make your beat
    • A title for your beat (if you have one)
    • Any notes about how you made the beat and what it means to you

    Tracks will be judged based on overall quality, concept and execution and winning beats will be chosen by the rappers. Contact with any questions.

    MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS Multiple submissions from a single entrant are allowed and multiple tracks from the same entrant may win. BUT only one Marvel track and one Capcom track will win per entrant.  Only one track from each category will be selected. Multiple submissions will not increase your chances of winning – quality counts – so be sure to only submit your best.

    HOW LONG IS THIS CONTEST? From now until Sunday, July 31st, , 2011. All entries must be sent in by July 31st 11:59 pm est. Judging will commence immediately thereafter and winners will be announced on and in a future episode of the show.

    RESTRICTIONS All contest submissions must be original works composed for this contest. Any submissions found to be fraudulent or not meeting the requirements of an official submission will be disqualified. Nerdy Show reserves the right to repost or redistribute any content submitted to contest.

    LEGAL Nerdy Show claims no ownership of the submitted content, but reserves the right to host, play, and republish any submitted material. Please contact with any legal concerns.

  2. Season 4 Episode 8 :: Dropping Some Science


    Welcome, nerd of exquisite taste, to a combo episode of Nerd Music and Sci-Tech! Two powers combine to digivolve into a digital monster of incredible podcast might.

    This episode we are seriously dropping some science!  We debut a remix contest that’ll break your brain: our Marvel Vs. Capcom 3-on-3 Mixtape Melee, interview the incredible 8-Bit Duane, and get our ubergeek on with the latest coolness in science and technology.

    Do you think you can handle massive Nerdapalooza news? Ridiculous high school fads such as shoe trading? Computers that operate on living blood? The return of the Commodore 64? Secrets of Tron: Legacy costume design? Or people who are actually into slow internet? Do ya?!? Sure ya do.  Nicola Tesla, bring dat beat back:

    MARVEL Vs. CAPCOM 3-on-3 Mixtape Melee

    Click HERE for the RULES and get crackin’ skulls and droppin’ beats.


    1. Madrox :: Adam WarRock
    2. Cry of the Planet (Japan Remix) :: MegaRan
    3. A Boy and His Blob :: Action Adventure World
    4. Metal Gear :: Action Adventure World
    5. What Pi Sounds Like :: Michael John Blake
    6. Love Me Longtime :: OK Go
    7. Hogtied :: Brandon Strader, Rexy
    8. Minecraft :: Rotharian


    Forum and Fan Links:

    UPDATE: So… it turns out we were collectively punked. The NPR piece on Slow Netters was an April Fools gag. From Jessica, one of our friends and contributors:

    So I just caught up on the Nerdy Show episode where you mentioned ‘Slow Netters’.

    I actually regret to inform you that this was an April Fool’s joke by NPR. The did the same thing with pet insurance last year. I fell for it too, and then I heard on April 2nd that it was actually a joke and felt like a twit.

    Well dang. Hey, at least we got an OK Go song out of it!

  3. A Comic Show 4.27.11

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    Here is a stupidly short video, about a bunch of awesome comics. For some reason the guy behind the camera thought a 3 minute warning, was a warning of when we are at three minutes.. not when we have three minutes left. Well, at least it cut before Cap’s cellphone went off. BUT ANYWHO: AWESOME! EPIC! OTHER OVERUSED WORDS! You know what? If you think epic or awesome are overused, eat a bag. THEY ARE AWESOME AND EPIC! Brightest Day, Green Lantern, Swamp Thing and Thor! I LOVE IT!

    Stupid Formspring questions are stupid.

    International viewers unable to use YouTube, try watching on Facebook.

  4. Nerdy Show’s Top 15 Nintendo DS Games


    Now that the age of the DS has ended and the multi-dimensional 3DS reigns supreme, Nerdy Show would like to reflect.  After all, the DS is kind of a big deal.  The dual-screen portable system single-handedly saved the Big N from certain doom.  It marked Nintendo’s return to innovative hardware design and was a big risk for a company coasting on the fumes of its brand names.  While the gaming giant is arguably still coasting on said fumes, they continue to up the ante with their hardware and deliver big fun with their first party games.

    The DS catalog is extensive, but not so much when it comes to truly awesome titles. Plenty of folks have made top DS game lists, so with ours we wanted to keep things interesting.  We asked the forums what listeners felt were the greatest DS games of all time and discussion got lively.  At the same time, Brandon voiced his grievances over Nintendo’s game making attitude.  We discussed this beef at length, as well as our feelings on the 3DS in the recent episode, New Dimensions in Gaming. Have a listen to the episode, check out our list below, and let us know what you think over on the forums.

    In making this list we had to consider a few things – fun, innovation… and Pokémon. Naturally, Triforce Mike insisted that the first seven games all be different Pokémon titles.  Now, we all know Pokémon rules – just listen to our recent Pokésode, but if we filled up our list with Pokémon… Well, it’s not much of a list is it?  Our resolution is that this list be sans-Pokémon.  They’re here in spirit, all 649 of them.  We also made it a point of not including any games that were ports or remakes so similar to the original that they didn’t necessarily count as a legitimate DS title. What remains is a selection of 15 exceptional games- some eclectic, some expected, all awesome. …Here we go!



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    I admit, I didn’t play much of the original Gamecube Animal Crossing, but I’m familiar with it enough to compare it to its follow-up, Wild World. As you may know, Animal Crossing is a unique life sim game in which your character lives out his or her simple existence in a town populated with anthropomorphic animals. Wild World features the same tried and true gameplay of the original, but adds some excellent new features to the already solid formula. The most significant of which is the ability to visit other player’s towns via a wifi connection. Although it’s slightly hindered by Nintendo’s annoying friend code system, it’s still a whole new level of interaction that simply couldn’t have been achieved on the Gamecube. Animal Crossing may not be for everyone, but no one can deny that it is a seriously addictive game. I’ve devoted many, many hours to it.  For quite a long time, I played this game to relax every night before bed. The only reason I haven’t picked it up recently is out of the fear that if I did, I wouldn’t be able to put it back down!


    14 – CONTACT

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    There isn’t a game on the DS with as much innovation in style and storytelling as Grasshopper Manufacturer’s Contact.  The game’s primary plot is loose at best: a stranded spaceship-fairing professor is on the run from extraterrestrial terrorists. The real story takes place between the principle characters: The main character – a young boy named Terry, the Professor, and YOU. With Contact, the DS becomes a communicator between yourself and the world of the game.  The Professor knows that you’re there, but Terry, whom you control, doesn’t.  Meta storytelling, big laughs, cool locales, multiple art styles, and tons of pop culture references have made this one of the few games anyone would dare to compare to Earthbound, and that’s saying something.

    However, it’s worth noting that putting this game on the list was the subject of much debate.  See the thing is… every one of us that’s played it loves Contact.  The game is fantastic, but it’s short as hell. At the end of what you assume is the first act or the halfway point- poof! It’s all over.  You’ve only just started getting the hang of special abilities, you’re not even close to fully leveled, you’re amped for some Final Fantasy VII-style mid-story fallout and …credits.  It’s a tremendous bummer, but despite its failings, this game still outclasses many modern RPGs and more than earns its place here.



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    Long before the ever-popular New Super Mario Bros. Wii, this game brought on the revival of the classic side-scrolling Mario formula. The game introduced 3D Mario’s move set to the 2D world as well as delivered some fun and interesting new power-ups (the Mega Mushroom being my favorite). New Super Mario Bros. serves as both a throwback to the classics and a breath of fresh air for the series. Visually, it exudes the style of a typical Mario game, with bright, colorful environments, merging old and the new- the backgrounds and objects are rendered with 2D sprites, while Mario and the enemies are 3D models. My only criticism is that the difficulty is extremely low, and I found myself racking up a ridiculous number of extra lives over the course of the game. However, that doesn’t detract too much from the overall experience. It’s classic Mario, and yet it’s new… What are you waiting for?



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    When it comes to sexism in games it doesn’t get much more ridiculous than Super Princess Peach. Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball is objectification to the point of nonsense, Metroid: Other M reduces a strong heroine to a baby-obsessed tool with a daddy complex, but despite the guise of “girls can too” empowerment, Super Princess Peach takes the cake.  It’s sexist right down to the game design: as a woman you manipulate the environment via your powerset of erratic emotions. Classy, Nintendo, real classy.  That said- this game is amazing.

    Super Princess Peach spins the classic Mario format on its head and delivers a fun and challenging side-scroller that outshines even New Super Mario Bros. (see list placement). Yes, Peach’s emotion dial is hilariously condescending, but it’s also fun as hell. Gorgeous 2D sprites, a variety of abilities and mechanics, well-hidden secrets, extensive unlockables, and post game goodies makes for a title that actually one-ups Peach’s favorite plumbers.  I refused to buy it new so as not to support Nintendo’s sexism, but having finally played it I earnestly recommend checking it out by any means possible.



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    Ever play that Final Fantasy game with Terra and Kefka for the SNES?  This isn’t that Final Fantasy 3!  That was 6, dumbass!

    This is the ORIGINAL Final Fantasy 3 for NES. It was the very first in the series to introduce a job class system you could actually change, upgrade, and unlock. In this complete re-envisioning they’ve taken what was good, made it even better, cut out the crap, and completely remade the game far past the point of being a revamped port.  It’s entirely new. The characters actually have names this time, job classes are explained, the music has been rewritten, characters interact and have their own stories, and best of all… the story actually makes sense now. It’s a totally different game.

    If you love classic-style RPGs, you must check out Final Fantasy III.  It actually feels like an original, European-based Final Fantasy game. The only place the characters wear belts is on their pants!  If you’re not used to playing any of the older Final Fantasies then you probably won’t last long in this one.  The bosses are hard, enemies are tough, you will not unlock a super omega badass weapon which will annihilate everything in your path.  It’s Final Fantasy at its best, before they got easy, and it’s the series’ best game on this system.



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    Ghost Trick was quite a surprise to me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and it ended up far surpassing anything I could have imagined. It’s created by Shu Takumi, the genius behind the Phoenix Wright series, and the story is somewhat reminiscent of what you’ll find in those games. However, since it’s a game about a ghost who can turn back time in order to save lives, suffice it to say it has some very unique characteristics that sets it apart. I found myself completely sucked into the story from beginning to end, and I was quite satisfied by the conclusion.

    The most notable aspect of the game, isn’t the story; it’s the art.  It contains some of the most jaw-droppingly impressive animation I have ever seen in a 2D game. From the moment I first saw a character in motion, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Instead of drawing from a limited pool of animation frames, as is customary for most games, the characters are given completely unique animations for nearly every single situation they are put in. It’s a sight to behold, and the music is great too! A truly compelling  experience, through and through. Listen to us talk about it on a past episode of Nerdy Show.



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    Did you ever play Pokémon and think “Hey, why can’t there be a more adult-themed version with swearing, nudity, and violence?”  I know I have.  Then one day I came across this little gem of a game called Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey. It starts with a cataclysmic, world-shattering event which only you and your elite team of superior and technologically-advanced soldiers can fix.  A little while later you find yourself stranded in an environment rife with demons for the catching.

    The premise of this game is simple: catch demons in a hell-like fantasy world through the use of seduction, bribery, or a show of strength.  Not satisfied with a demon you’ve been leveling up for awhile? Why not breed it with a completely different demon in order to teach it new moves or evolve it? This game features several maze-like dungeons you explore in a first person view while encountering random battles.  There are locked doors, strange mechanisms, difficult side quest, hidden walls, and the occasional suit upgrade that allows you special functions like seeing invisible enemies and doors in previous areas.  My favorite part? This game is its not for people who suck at video games.  It’s incredibly challenging.  Expect to die… a lot.  No, it’s probably not as hard as Demon’s Souls but then, what is?  If you’re already a fan of the Shin Megami Tensei series you should definitely check out this game while it’s still available.  If you have balls you’ll pick up this game immediately.


    8 – PICROSS DS

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    Picross is, without a doubt, the most fun and addictive number puzzle game I’ve ever played. I tried it only briefly before I had to order my own copy. By that time I was already so hooked on it that I desperately ran (yes, ran) to check the mailbox every day until it arrived. The puzzles featured in the game are called “nonograms”, and they involve filling in cells in a grid in order to form a picture, based on the numbers provided at the sides of the grid. After you complete each puzzle, it zooms out to reveal the image, and plays a cute little animation of said image.

    This is not the first Picross game released stateside, you may recall Mario’s Picross for Game Boy in 1995. However, the touch screen on the DS lends itself perfectly to the interface of this game, making it hard to go back to any previous versions. Although a 3D Picross game was released later on, I feel that the added complexity makes for a slightly lesser experience than the pure, simple fun of plain ol’ 2D Picross.  Eat your heart out, Sudoku.



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    Since Squaresoft’s original Mario RPG, the Mario series has had an incredible life outside of its usual platformers. The Paper Mario games have been brilliant (shout out to the recent Super Paper Mario, that game rocks) and meanwhile, on the handhelds, the Mario & Luigi series has been going strong.  Like all Mario RPGs of any variety, the series is rich with colorful Mushroom Kingdom visuals, wacky characters, and solid humor. What makes the Mario and Luigi titles stand out is its is playstyle based around multitasking and timing.  This is done via a turn-based combat system that has you operating both Mario Brothers in tandem with perfectly-timed moves.

    Bowser’s Inside Story takes everything about the previous games that worked and makes it much better.  The sprites are outstanding, the cartoon nonsense is jacked up, and there’s way more Bowser.  In this game the Bros. get sucked into Bowser’s body via some nefarious science and there’s a whole world to explore inside the lizard king’s innards.  On the top screen you control Bowser as he stomps around the Kingdom, and on the bottom screen you battle microorganisms as Mario & Luigi.  If Bowser is having a problem topside, and needs to overcome an obstacle, Mario & Luigi are to the rescue by traveling to the correct part of his body and giving King Koopa the jolt he needs to keep on truckin’. You know that’s awesome.



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    I know, I know. The first thing I said when I heard that the ridiculous homoerotic elf from Zelda was getting his own game was, “who the hell would want to play that?” Apparently Nintendo of America thought so too, because the game was translated, but only released in Europe.  I’m tellin’ you right now guys, I was wrong. I was so, so wrong. Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland is as ludicrous is it makes itself out to be, and that’s what makes it so beautiful. It’s hours and hours of uncomfortable Tingle-style humor.  Once you embrace it, you’ll never come back.

    Humor and weirdness aside, the thing that makes this game really stand out is its totally unique playstyle.  The game revolves entirely around greed.  Your rupee counter, which goes up to the millionth percentile, is not just your savings, but also your life meter.  You take damage, you loose rupees, but you also have to spend rupees to do anything. The entire world runs off of mercantilism and people won’t even look at you, unless you pay up. Essentially, everything you do is gambling with your own life.  It is, dare I say …visionary.  Don’t believe me? I think this review will give you the right idea: Koolimpah!



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    This game comes to us highly recommended by pretty much everyone we know- but none of us have played it! However, on the forums Trent wrote such a compelling post for it that we couldn’t not include it.  After reading his posting and asking around, the game’s high-ranking became obvious, so here it is at #5! Below is an excerpt from Trent’s posting, head over to the forums to read the full thing.

    I can not emphasize the awesome of this game enough. Square Enix outdid themselves with this little gem.

    Story: You are dead. And trendy dead people in Shibuya get entered into ‘the game’ – a 7 day event in ‘the underground’ (a purgatory of sorts, you are in a sub-layer of the real world, and can only interact with living people in designated areas). The rules: You must find a partner on the first day, those without partners are erased. If you die in the underground, you are erased. Only one team needs to complete the game master’s goal each day for all teams to progress to the next day, but if the goal is not completed, all teams are erased. The team that wins the the last game of the week will have one wish granted to them by ‘the composer’.

    Gameplay: Your character, Neku, battles on the bottom screen, while your partner battles the same enemies, but on the top screen. Here’s the catch: you control them both.

    On the bottom screen you fight with pins. Each pin has different attacks that are activated in some way (blowing into the mike, tapping, slashing, drawing a circle, etc). And theses attacks gain levels. On the top screen your partner is controlled with either the D-pad or face buttons (depending on which hand you prefer to operate the touchscreen). Your goal is to start attacks and follow the combo path.


    Whew! And that’s only half the description.  This game floors most contenders in gameplay concepts alone, and on top of that, it’s got a killer soundtrack and Trent claims… the best villain ever? Big words!

    4 – WARIOWARE: D.I.Y.

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    If there was a genre for “comedy games” the Warioware series would be top tier. They’re easily among the strangest and most irreverent titles Nintendo has produced. While the surreal antics of Mario’s twisted doppelganger and his friends are fantastic, what really makes the series is their format: the microgame. All you get is a couple words of command, and in a split-second you have to decipher the scenario you’re presented with and interact the right way with the right thing at the right time.  Simple and addictive.

    Typically Nintendo employs the Warioware team to test the limits of what weird stuff can be accomplished with new hardware, but with Warioware D.I.Y. they flipped it – what can be done with the software? D.I.Y. is the spiritual successor to the SNES classic creative application, Mario Paint, re-imagined for the modern world.  Now YOU get to make the microgames from the ground up.  Draw, animate, compose music, and yes, learn a thing or two about programming via a simple interface and expansive tutorials.  Then share it online, port it to the Wii, submit it to contests… it’s a beautiful thing.

    Check out my NSFW review of the game HERE and my first microgame composition HERE.



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    Although it was originally released as a GBA game in Japan, the series has always been on DS here, thus deserving its spot on our list. For those who have yet to experience the wonders of this series, the concept of a courtroom-centric game based around the trials and tribulations of a defense attorney may seem rather strange and potentially boring. However, this game is anything but. It plays out like a visual novel adventure, and it contains some of the quirkiest characters and most hilarious and well-written dialogue of any DS game. Each character has a full set of animations, complete with some particularly humorous ones for specific situations.  It’s not all comedy, though. The game has a tendency to tug on the heartstrings during more emotional moments. It’s pretty common to get stuck in this game, and extremely satisfying when you finally figure out that tricky contradiction in a testimony. This game has some fantastic music, too! It’s a great ride all around, and one of the more unique offerings that the DS has to offer.


    One day a friend lent me a game about being an attorney for the DS.  My first initial thought was, “why the hell would I want to be a stupid lawyer?”  Several days later I actually played the game and couldn’t stop. You are rookie attorney Phoenix Wright who must defend his childhood friend from murder charges.  Eventually, your boss gets murdered, you have to find out why, and you soon come to realize that most of your cases seem to be somehow connected. You’re joined by a colorful cast of characters including your long-time rival, Miles Edgeworth.

    The game is split into two modes. It’s kind of like Law and Order in that one mode grants you the ability to investigate people and crime scenes for your case, and a Trial mode that allows you to use the evidence you’ve found during cross examinations.
    The game is intense and very challenging.  You think cross examinations are easy?  Try finding the right question to ask with the right piece of evidence during the right moment.  Think you can shout “OBJECTION!” into the DS’s mic loud enough to prove your point in a trial?  All in all it’s one of my favorite games, and the sequels only improve upon the interactive gameplay features.



    Henry Hatsworth is one of the most underrated and unappreciated games of all
    time. It takes cues from many of the classic greats, and therefore, everything about it is top notch; The gameplay, character designs, backgrounds, dialogue, and music, it’s all fantastic. It combines a side-scrolling platformer on the top screen with a puzzle game on the bottom screen. Though this gameplay mechanic may seem confusing at a glance, switching between the two is quite intuitive, and it quickly becomes second nature. Henry is equipped with a plethora of moves and abilities, including a transformation into a giant robot. The puzzle portion serves to provide Mr. Hatsworth with power-ups, among other things.  Both halves are very polished.

    The game’s overall difficulty level is fairly steep, making it an excellent choice for those hardcore gamers who crave the brutal platformers of yesteryear. I can tell you now, the final boss of the game is one tough sucker! With all these unlikely elements combined, Henry Hatsworth is easily one of the most satisfying experiences you’ll find on the DS.



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    When I purchased my DS in 2005, Mario Kart DS came bundled with it. Even though it was my first game for the system and I’ve since clocked countless hours, I still find myself revisiting it to this day. Of the six games in the Mario Kart series, this one reigns supreme, perfecting the formula to create the definitive Mario Kart experience. The game’s tracks are well-designed and have become classics in their own right, while the “classic” courses sample from the finest level designs that came before.  After being spoiled by this game’s design Mario Kart Wii‘s tracks are bland and not even half as exciting.

    Despite being released years ago, Mario Kart DS remains as one of the best-looking 3D games on the system, pushing the limits of the system with some very smooth environments and character models. The gameplay is tight, profoundly satisfying, and highly addictive.  Whats more, racing against friends in person or online keeps the action lively, no matter how many times you’ve beat 150cc. Fingers crossed that the new Mario Kart for 3DS will live up to the pedigree set by this excellent game.


  5. Dungeons & Doritos :: Escape From Corney Island


    What began with an unexpected detour to a tropical isle, ends in peril and doom!  What did you expect with this sordid lot? Having been put on a quest by the island’s pirate ruler Captain Corney, our adventurers have unlocked a savage curse and the dead shall rise!  Joining us for this episode of Dungeons & Doritos is none other than the real life Miss Coney Island 2011, Left Lucy as the vengeful Queen of Corney Island, daughter to the dread Captain! Accompanied by a mysterious swordsman named Robert, Lefty joins our heroes in a race to escape the doomed jungles, before all is lost. (more…)

  6. A Comic Show 4.13.11

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    Hello? Hello? Is anybody out there? Who watches these? It’s so cold and dark out there. This is where FLASHPOINT starts, or the prelude to the start. It’s comic books! It’s awesome stuff! Watch this video, it’s full of awesome.

    Ask me a question on myFormspring? I answer them all, except that sexy spambot telling me to click links.

    International viewers unable to use YouTube, try watching on Facebook.

  7. Nerds in Action Update! Tardis!

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    What’s up nerds!?  Two of your brethren have taken Pepsi’s blind taste test challenge and have blown surveyor’s minds by endorsing a third option: Nerdy Show.  Truly, we are the finest brown cola.

    Honor these totally radical dudes as we induct them into the ranks of Nerds In Action!  What’s a Nerd In Action you ask? Why, it’s the illustrious rank achieved when you nerd out while repping Nerdy Show and take a picture of it! Joining this not-so-secret society of awesome people are Timothy_GM and Volcano-Themed Blake.  Welcome, friends.

    Volcano-Themed Blake was one of the entrants to our Willrow Hood Fan Love Contest and now he’s set his sights on a new contest: Where is the Tardis!

    My friend Julaine and I made a Tardis cake for the Doctor Who “Where’s the Tardis” contest that’s going on, so I figured what better time to get a Nerd in Action shot then while holding a tiny edible tribute to everyone’s favorite time traveler?

    Ya damn skippy, dude!  Well done! Help a Nerd out and give Blake some love.  Vote for his Tardis so he can score a private Doctor Who screening event and 100+ DVDs.  You know that’s cool.

    Next up is Timothy_GM who’s flashing us his dirty secret in what looks to be the some kind of board game  stock room (boss).  Timothy is our first D&D Nerd In Action shot.  Boosh!

    Want to be the next Nerd In Action?  Cool! We wanna see you trying to beat that Mario Kart 64 time trial so you can win the golden controller from Nintendo Power.  We wanna see you punching trees – Minecraft style!  We wanna see you covered in Dorito dust tossing natural 20s, posing with cospalyers and celebs at a con, looking your nerdiest in our shway duds.  Just send your actions shots to and see your action on our site!

    Need clothing for that picture?  Here’s a special deal from now ’til whenever we decide otherwise:

    You can get both the Nerdy Show logo shirt and the Dungeons & Doritos shirt for only $20 + shipping ($22 for plus sizes)! Shipping is $6 US/CAN, $12 everywhere else. We’ve got limited space at our current online storefront and don’t have room to add this package deal. So here’s how it works:

    • Go to the store, make sure your sizes are in stock
    • Donate to us. (Click the heart tab at the top of the screen)
    • Enter your total. (See above, don’t forget to add shipping)
    • Add a message and tell us your desired sizes
    • Make sure you include a shipping address
    • Complete transaction.
  8. Sightseeing on the Server of Awesome: Mt. Creeper, Castel Ravenloft, New IP & MORE!


    Some time has passed since our absolutely epic Minecraft Video Game Build-A-Thon, I have been lurking, but now I have returned! Many fine structures have been built, and some big things have changed. A new update is here, as is a new internet connection and the Server’s upload speed is jacked up for faster Minecraftery than ever before! SoA Miners unite!  We are ready to take on this vast digital frontier and reshape it in our image!

    The Legend that is Mount Creeper!

    Listen closely as night fall on the Server of Awesome and you might hear ghostly whispers on the air. Whispers of a mighty and frightening king, The King of the Creepers! Do you dare to enter the king’s domain? If ye crave danger and adventure the ancient architect Kaosubaloo has prepared a journey for you!

    “There is a tale of a mountain, far away, that sits in the center of a King’s domain. But not just any King, THE KING. The King of the Creepers whose presence rules over all. It is said that this mountain can be found by following a road made from stars plucked down and forged into stone.

    It is said that this ‘Star Road’ can be found by the observant where ice meets water and the traveler walks above the road. That this road leads deep into Creeper Land and that the brave will find a jail that is not a jail; complex of steel and fire.”-Kaosubaloo

    You start off by following a mystical “Star Road” into the great beyond. This road will lead you into the the depths of the Server of Awesome, and right into the center of the King’s domain.

    After you travel down this glowing path, you feel a malevolent force tugging upon you. This is the almighty power of the king. When you get that tingly sensation deep in your gut you know you have entered his realm.

    Gaze into the King's burning stare

    Gaze into the King's burning stare

    The view looking down from atop a high mountain shows you a burning face of your doom!

    Foreboding and creepy darkness. Who knows what mysteries you will uncover in this sinister lair...

    Here are some images from within Mount Creeper. There are many twists and turns, many hidden secrets and surprises. and mysteries abound! No joke, this structure is surreal, labyrinthine and you might go mad losing yourself in Kausubaloo’s endless chaotic tunnels.

    Learn how to start your quest by visiting the forum thread… HERE.

    And now dear friends, the tale of Castle Ravenloft:

    Recently, a grand and majestic castle has emerged on the Server of Awesome! Inspired by D&D maps of old, Studiomilam and Barswanian have constructed a fortress that minstrels will sing of for ages to come.

    It began with the D&D Tomb of Horrors layout and grew into a massive compound both above and below ground. See Studiomilam’s plans and construction logs on the forums.

    Aerial shot of the first floor of the castle walls


    Inside the castle walls is a holy chapel for worship of the power of the Triforce, complete with a suitable ornament made of the finest diamonds the server could render. But does this temple give praise to the three godesses, or the trickster demigo, Triforce Mike?

    Not yet finished but still very awe inspiring, extremely beautiful to behold.

    More work had yet to be done on this structure. Many blocks and much time was spent but then there was a sign. The forums, there was news! The castle was built, and the chapel was finished…. HUZZAH! Feast your eyes on this beast:

    Finished Castle


    At last after many weeks of planning and building it was done. The structure was massive, the walls were fortified and it was ready… for DECORATING! Yes there is another chapter of this grand Castle Ravenloft. A tale of paintings, and books and maybe hidden surprises. The creators have welcomed visitors to their grand estate and have also welcomed them to decorate it as well. How generous!

    A special visit from The Brotherhood of Tofu!

    YUGO of Wakfu! Courtesy of our dear Mopkins!


    There is much more awesome brewing on the Server and within the Minecraft pages of the Nerdy Show forums.  For instance… Studiomilam’s next megastructure, Kustu Shita’s various projects, Rotharian’s Minecraft parody song, The Pokemon Gyms of Awesome – where Pokemon and Minecraft meet, and discussion of the forthcoming Piston Mod … to name but a few!  Monsters might still be off (for now) but there are wolves to be found!

    Oh, and ALSO… There is talk of an epic new  contest, that will lead you all on a sacred quest! But this isn’t a Build-A-Thon, this is a grand scavenger hunt – with dungeons.  It’s a Nerdy Show-endorsed community-built challenge sending you on a quest for the Legendary Seven Dragonballs.  What will the prizes be?  We don’t know that yet – the contest isn’t ready.  Find out how you can make it a reality HERE.

    So about that new IP.

    So many of you crafters have frequented our glittery server and you might have noticed a change. We’ve switched internet services and upgraded the server’s upload speed. As a result we’ve had to leave behind our old, beloved IP address.  In the weeks since switching over, several non-SoA technical difficulties have led to us switching the IP an number of times, but those times are over.  THIS IS IT, the new IP:

    Bask in it’s numerical grandeur!


    Once again, the server has grown too large for conventional mapping technology.  Out of necessity, we’ve switched over to Minecraft Topographical Survey.

    Get the April 14th map HERE


    Or, check out our Google Maps-style map of the server using Tectonicus here:

    The SoA in Tectonicus!

    We love to have this server available for your pleasurable enjoyment. But alas it is not free, or cheap! If you feel the burning desire to help us help you, feel free to donate! If you want your donation to go straight into improving the Server of Awesome just let us know! (Be sure to leave a note with your donation) You can score some swag and help support the show by picking up the Nerdy Show logo shirt, our Dungeons and Doritos shirt, or our special offer of the two shirts for one great price!!! With these shirt-powers combined you can, well… be awesome!

    As always I love to know what you guys are up too! And I can’t explore this vast territory on my own! Send pictures, stories, current and future projects to me at!

    The Nerdy Show crew on Minecraft (click to view avatars):

  9. Season 4 Episode 7 :: Pokesode Plaid


    Pokesode TweedAt long last… You knew this day was coming.  A new Pokémon game without a corresponding Nerdy Show is an unnatural thing.  It’s like a sunrise without a Moltres or a derp without a Bidoof.  Besides, everyone knows that Triforce Mike is a first class Poképhile.  He has to go door-to-door and everything!  This is like AA for him. He needs this.

    So embark with us on an adventure into the ball tossin’, animal fightin’ world of Pokémon!  It’s a full house in the Nerdy Show studio- Join Cap, Hex, Mike, Tony, Brandon, and Jonna for a serious Pokésode. We discuss the series as a whole, review the new game(s) Pokémon Black & White, and try to shed some light on Triforce Mike’s addition. He owns both versions of the game and is usually operating two DSes at the same time, he needs help!

    It’s not all game reviews and Pokémon stats – oh no! We do actually go on an adventure into the world of Pokémon.  That ain’t no lie.  The six of us take part in a rousing Pokémon Tabletop RPG!  Hex is our game master and the rest of us are a rag-tag group of Pokémon trainers in-training.  According to tishare if you love Dungeons & Doritos, Pokémon, both, or possibly neither  – you might be totally into this! Let us know if you want more. UPDATE: You DID Want more! This is episode zero of Pokéballs of Steelix!

    Pokesode TweedAnd if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a treat for the real Poké-maniacs in the audience.  Triforce Mike has an important message about just how much insane work goes into Pokémon breeding, his quest for a perfect Teddiursa, and why he feels IV training shouldn’t be viewed as cheating.  It’s a rant so expansive it had to be given it’s own cartridge.  Ladies and gentlemen, Pokésode Tweed:

    Download the Pokésode supplement, Pokésode Tweed HERE

    Pokésode Paid Tracks:

    1. Game On :: Fishy
    2. Sleight of Hand :: Rasgar
    3. Charizard ::A-1
    4. My Friend Mudkip :: halc
    5. Casino Lounge :: Mattias Häggström Gerdt, GSlicer
    6. West Coast Radio :: ProtoDome
    7. Super Effective :: Fishy, Andy Jayne
    8. Bullet for My Pilloswine:: WillRock, ProtoDome, halc
    9. Clash of the Titans :: pu_freak

    Pokésode Tweed Tracks:

    1. On the Origin of the Species :: ProtoDome
    2. Pocket Ni Fantasy :: Sachi & Juri


    Pokémon Tabletop Links:

    Darin Kobe :: Jamesy Roquette :: Jumanji McGee

    Martin Iuntiaughu :: Tark

    Nerdy Show Forum Links:

    <a href=””><img class=”size-full wp-image-5212 alignright” title=”New Dimensions in Gaming” src=”” alt=”Mass Effect 3DS” width=”300″ height=”300″ /></a>

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