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Video Game Minisode :: Killzone 3 (with PS Move), Ghost Trick, Dragon Age 2 & MORE

Posted by NerdyShow on March 16, 2011

TOO MANY VIDEO GAMES! That’s Brandon’s biggest life crisis right now.  He’s gotta play ’em all!  Poor baby.

He’s right about one thing though, there’s been a hella-ton of quality video games in recent times and we can hardly keep up with them.  We played a few games, and ordered a few pizzas – so let’s dig in shall we?

This episode we’ve got full reviews on the DS game, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, and the PS3-exclusive, Killzone 3 – not just the game, but also how it plays with PS Move controls and that crazy Sharpshooter gun you may have seen a TV ad for.  Yes, Brandon bought the Move and all its accessories just for Killzone 3. We’ve also got a couple mini-reviews for Dragon Age 2, Bulletstorm, and our thoughts on the latest happenings in video game news.

Will Brandon regret his PS Move purchase?  What game is the Tony Hawk of first-person shooters? What upcoming game is Jonna excited for? How many shiny Pokemon does Triforce Mike have? Tune in and find out:


  1. TEEM.ROKIT (Team Rocket Hideout) :: Tweek
  2. Joad ~A Captive of Fate :: Masakazu Sugimori
  3. Jiggly Choir (Jigglypuff’s Song) :: DragonAvenger
  4. Rich Stuff :: The Non-Commissioned Officers Rich Stuff - Money Looking For Thieves


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