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Season 4 Episode 4-3 :: Crossover Crisis

Posted by NerdyShow on March 9, 2011

Crossovers! Always great conversation-starters. Nerds have been getting their rocks off to the notion of two cool franchises crossing paths long before Aliens met Predator, or the Jetsons met the Flintstones. It’s as old as the game of “who’d win in a fight?”, and that might be as old as cave men! (A moment of silence for the brave souls felled by megafauna, due to Stone Age dares.) This month, crossovers are well in fashion and Nerdom is in the throes of some epic and uncanny battles: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and IDW’s comics event, Infestation. We’ll be discussing these and other crossovers, past and present, and of course, other ass-kicking geekery in all 36 chambers of awesome.


Crossover Crisis ends with not a whimper, but a BANG!  First, sci-tech mind-boggles with talk of Evolutionary Robotics and LEGO-based robots that teach themselves to walk, and then COMICS. Nerdy Show is pleased to once again be joined by comic writing tag team Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning whose Infestation event pits Ghostbusters, G.I. Joe, Transformers and Star Trek against ZOMBIES.  We talk to them about theri projects past, present and future including their continued awesomeness in Marvel’s cosmic realm with Annihilators, and street-level beatings with Heroes for Hire.  This interview will be the stuff of legend.  Five words: “Zombies vs. My Little Pony”.


  1. Evolve :: The Non-Commissioned Officers Evolve - Evolve - Single
  2. The Big Beginning :: The Symphony of Science
  3. Hadoken :: ZeaLouS1 featuring Dale Chase & Shammers
  4. Heart-Shaped Tron :: Fissunix [Daft Punk vs. Nirvana]


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