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Season 4 Episode 4-1 :: Crossover Crisis

Posted by NerdyShow on March 3, 2011

Crossovers!  Always great conversation-starters.  Nerds have been getting their rocks off to the notion of two cool franchises crossing paths long before Aliens met Predator, or the Jetsons met the Flintstones.  It’s as old as the game of “who’d win in a fight?”, and that might be as old as cave men! (A moment of silence for the brave souls felled by megafauna, due to Stone Age dares.) This month, crossovers are well in fashion and Nerdom is in the throes of some epic and uncanny battles: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and IDW’s comics event, Infestation. We’ll be discussing these and other crossovers, past and present, and of course, other ass-kicking geekery in all 36 chambers of awesome.


First up: a rousing introduction in which the gang gets into some intense crossover conversation and other debates such as what statue Florida needs to erect to trump Detroit’s Robocop. Then, we’re joined by the master of video game parody music – brentalfloss!  Us and Mr. ‘floss get up to some hijinks – discussing not just his illustrious career in music and YouTube videos, but some exclusive previews of what’s soon to come, tracks and videos in the works, and together we create what’s soon to become an internet sensation – Bizarrio, the third Mario Brother.


  1. T.N.T. Bass – Egotronic v. ACDC
  2. Stand By Your RAM :: Video Game Orchestra
  3. Tetris… With Lyrics :: brentalfloss Tetris With Lyrics (Gameboy - A-type) - What If This Cd... Had Lyrics?
  4. Gotta Run/ be The One :: brentalfloss feat. The Megas Gotta Run/be The One Feat. The Megas (Mega Man 2 Wily Level 1 & 2 Theme) - What If This Cd... Had Lyrics?


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